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For those kissable lips, Lip Dermal Fillers will help to enhance your lip contour and definition. Volume is naturally increased and the overall look of your pout is perfected.

Luscious Lips Package: Plump your lips with 1ml of premium Dermal Filler for only $399

Our lip fillers are formulated using natural complex sugar.

These safe, injectable gel treatments are administered by our experienced, qualified nurses to ensure a perfect, plump pout every time.

Reduce fine lines and improve the appearance of forehead wrinkles:

Treat Frown Lines (50 units) for only $197

We offer Anti Wrinkle treatments for multiple areas including forehead, frown lines and side of eyes.

To ensure your skin is healthy and wrinkle free, our medical team will complete a full lifestyle and medical consultation with you.

During this time, we'll explain the various products available for treatments, the benefits, potential risks, side effects and expected longevity of products.

As the body ages and our muscles weaken, we lose facial volume and definition. Cheek fillers replace the natural substance our body loses as we age, rejuvenating the overall look of your face by softening out fine lines, filling in facial hollows and giving you a volumized look.

Cheek fillers can help fill those hollows, improve facial contour, smooth out wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin. Our cheek fillers are safe and formulated using a non-permanent gel made of hyaluronic acid.

Cheek Definition Package: 2ml of premium Dermal Filler for only $899

What our treatment price includes:

As part of our commitment to industry best practice, we guarantee our cosmetic treatments include:

  • Professional assessment: medical history and lifestyle review
  • Personalised treatment plan: professional a-symmetry diagnosis and treatment strategy
  • Pre-treatment cleanse: ensuring area is free of cosmetics, lotions and creams to avoid infection
  • Follow up treatment: to assess your treatment outcome and ensure we are all happy with the result
  • Apply post treatment care: personalised skin care application (so you can return to normal activities after treatment and no one will recognise)
  • Prescribed home skin care: this ensures you maintain healthy skin for longer lasting satisfaction

We recommend you book in a cosmetic consultation with our medical team so we can create a personalised treatment plan in line with your professional assessment. During our consultation, we will put together a cosmetic package for you that works within your budget, lifestyle and timeframe.

Please note, due to TGA restrictions product options and prices are listed and discussed during a consultation.

We guarantee affordable pricing with no hidden costs whilst also maintaining integrity in our cosmetic injectable work. Depending on your skin and desired natural result, we will recommend the best cosmetic products for you to use for long term satisfaction.

We will provide you with information on all suitable options to ensure you make an informed decision on which product you desire us to use.


For any multiple areas treated, cosmetic packages may apply.


The medical team will provide you discounted pricing options during the consultation.

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Full Terms and Conditions
1. All terms and conditions must be agreed upon prior to purchasing the promotion. 2. The offer is non-transferable in part and/or whole between persons and/or clinics, nor can it be exchanged for a different area. 3. Under no circumstance is the offer in part and/or whole able to be redeemed for cash. 4. Once purchased, a promotion’ is not refundable, nor can the value be used towards other treatments. 5. Clients must agree to sign all consent forms and comply with The Laser Lounge pre and post care instructions provided by The Laser Lounge staff. 6. All standard clinic policy terms apply (refer to The Laser Lounge Cancellation and Clinic Policy). 7. Pre-purchased series of 3 treatments are valid for 6 months from date of first treatment. Pre-purchased series of 6 treatments are valid for 12 months from date of first treatment. Pre-purchased series of 10 treatments are valid for 20 months from date of first treatment. 8. 24 hour cancellation is required for rescheduling. If sufficient notice is not provided the treatment will be forfeited. 9. Promotions can end at any time at the discretion of management and without any notice to the public or staff. 10. Paid Gift vouchers can be used to purchase promotional offers so long as the original gift voucher purchased was not purchased in conjunction with another promotional offer. 11. Gift vouchers donated by The Laser Lounge in any birthday giveaway and/or won in any competition, giveaway and/or charity cannot be used towards any promotion or cosmetic injectable treatments. 12. Promotions (unless specified) only apply to Castle Hill, Sydney CBD, West Lakes, Paddington, Morningside, Northbridge, Balmain, Erina, Bateau Bay and Woolloomooloo clinics. 13. Promotions cannot be used at the AACDS academy, and/or used to discount further any cosmetic injectable services and/or retail products. 14. Where the client has purchased the promotion is where the treatment/s must be held. 15. Promotions cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. 16. These terms and conditions can be read on The Laser Lounge website or in clinic. 17. There is a $50 non-refundable cosmetic medical consultation fee payable at time of booking, which is eligible as a contribution towards your total cosmetic injectable cost if treatment is carried out within the 30 days following a cosmetic medical consultation. 18. Confidential photo documentation must be taken for internal review and/or treatment progress assessments. These photographs will not be used externally and/or for marketing purposes without prior written and signed consent by the client. 19. The zippay service is not eligible to be used on promotional offers and/or free treatments.

Additional Cosmetic Terms and Conditions
1. Client must be 18 years of age, or older, to receive cosmetic injection treatment. Proof of ID must be presented. 2. Client must receive medical approval by our medical practitioners during consultation to enable them eligible to purchase the preferred cosmetic promotion. 3. Due to TGA restrictions, the names of Product Types will be disclosed verbally during consultation. Not all product types used for cosmetic injections apply to this promotion. 4. Anti-wrinkle offer is applicable to Product Type A only. 5. 50 units of Product Type A must be redeemed in one treatment session to treat frown lines. No split treatments may apply. 6. 100 units of Product Type A must be used to treat a maximum of two (2) areas in the one treatment session only. 150 units of Product Type A must be used to treat a maximum of three (3) areas in the one treatment session only. 7. For cheeks, 2mls of product must be used in the one treatment session. No split treatments apply. 8. The zippay service is not eligible to be used for this promotion.