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stretch marks

Stretch marks appear due to a sudden stretching of the skin and can leave a lasting effect on your confidence.

Common causes for stretchmarks include genetic skin conditions, puberty, post pregnancy or weight gain. This type of scarring is caused when the dermis is stretched so rapidly it tears and the skin cannot bounce back.

Marks often begin slightly red or purple in colour and then fade, leaving the skin streaked in silvery-white lines that may or may not disappear over time.

We recommend multiple modalities to lighten, reduce and clear the appearance of any unwanted stretch marks such as Skin Needling and Omnilux Medical LED Light Therapy.

how do we treat stretch marks?

Clinical Skin Needling
LED Skin Therapy

Stretch Mark Consultation

how do I get started?

Book in a complimentary skin consultation at your local Laser Lounge clinic or make a treatment booking today! Our experienced and professional team of Dermal Therapists are highly trained to treat advanced skin conditions.

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