LED Light Therapy

Our LED Light Therapy prices start from just $75 when you receive 50% off your first treatment. We also offer personalised packages and benefits to you as a valued client.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), or more specifically the OMNILUX™ Medical LED technology allows our Dermal and Medical Practitioners to deliver specific colours or wavelengths of light critical to achieving excellent results for skin rejuvenation and acne.

The Omnilux Medical LED can also be used in combination with other dermal and cosmetic injection therapies to enhance results, such as clinical skin needling, platelet rich plasma and more. As guaranteed, all our technologies are premium, and backed by the most clinically proven medical research and data available.

OMNILUX™ alone is very well documented, with over 60 peer-reviewed publications. OMNILUX™ efficacy claims for wrinkles and acne treatments are substantiated by over a decade of clinical evidence!

Our OMNILUX™ Medical counteracts the effects of ageing and clears acne-prone skin by working with the body's own natural system. OMNILUX™ features three different colours of light and wavelengths, with each interchangeable head emitting 1700 evenly-spaced diodes that contain specific narrow band wavelengths of light that is proven effective for the condition being treated. Using different combinations of the LED treatment heads means that our Dermal Therapist can deliver effective treatment protocols for acne, skin rejuvenation and for the reduction of periorbital wrinkles.

Depending on the specific condition you are most concerned with, skin rejuvenation treatments using red and near infrared light will have a significant effect on periorbital wrinkles, will help to reduce pore size, improves skin tone and texture, and gives a vibrant, healthier-looking skin. Combining the blue and red light helps remove the bacteria that causes the redness and inflammation of acne, which encourages the reduction in acne lesions and redness, promoting healing and thus giving clearer and healthier skin.

Most clients enjoy a power nap during treatment! The treatment is very comfortable, however, when first placed under the light, you will initially experience a bright light in your eyes. This is not painful, and many express that they just squint their eyes under their protective eyewear (for a couple of minutes) until their eyes naturally adjust to the brightness.

When including a thorough skin consultation, pre-treatment cleanse, LED treatment and post skin care application we recommend allowing between 20 to 45 minutes per treatment. Many clients book in these treatments during their lunch breaks.

You will be able to resume normal activity immediately after treatment. Post skin care will be applied by your Dermal Therapist, and you’re welcome to apply makeup at the clinic if this makes you feel comfortable.

All clients vary, but we recommend committing to at least 8 treatments over a month for the best results. In saying this, your Dermal and/or Medical Practitioner will guide you in accordance with your treatment response and tailored treatment plan.

Depending on your skin condition, treatment prices vary as our team of expert Dermal Therapists will tailor a treatment plan to suit your skin condition ensuring long term successful results.

If you have a time frame and budget in mind, it is best to advise your Dermal Therapist so a plan considering your lifestyle and budget can be taken into consideration.


Book in a free skin consultation at your choice clinic destination.
This will allow our team to assess your skin, medical information and lifestyle thoroughly. Once this is completed, we will begin your treatment journey to healthy skin!

Please note, our experienced and professional team of Dermal Therapists are highly trained to treat all skin conditions.
We are accredited and qualified in using medical grade apparatus and performing advanced skin treatments.


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