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Epidermal Levelling

epidermal levelling

Epidermal Levelling is an effective clinical treatment that exfoliates your facial fuzz while removing the nasties from the surface of the skin. The glide of a gentle, surgical blade will decongest and resurface for the result of smooth, even and soft skin. For further benefits, add on an oxygen mask!


Fine lines
Immediately removes peach fuzz (fair facial hair)
Penetrates active skin care ingredients
Skin congestion and milia
Uneven skin textures

Are treatments painful?

Epidermal Levelling is a comfortable treatment; however, you may experience slight tingling or sensitivity that will subside quickly during treatment.

Our Skin and Laser Technicians will ensure your comfort levels are met.

Will my hair grow back thicker & darker?

No, this treatment is for treating fluffy facial hairs that are usually fair in colour and thin/light in density. We cannot change the types of hair you have or the ones that will grow back on your face, therefore if your hair was fluffy and fair before it will grow back as this.

For all clients we perform a skin and hair analysis to determine if you’re the right candidate for this treatment and if you do have thicker, darker hairs we would suggest facial laser hair removal as the best modality.

Post care treatment

It is important to realise that Epidermal Levelling treatments take off the outer layer of the skin which is also its protection.

We recommend following the pre and post care instructions for your technician and using an SPF 30+ sunscreen post-treatment, even if you are not planning on exposing your skin to the sun.

how do I get started?

Book in a complimentary skin consultation at your local Laser Lounge clinic or make a treatment booking today! Our experienced and professional team of Dermal Therapists are highly trained to treat advanced skin conditions.

All new clients will receive 50% off their first treatment!


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