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Aging is an inevitable process and while we cannot stop the clock, we can help you inject a little bit of youthfulness back into your skin. As the body ages and our muscles weaken, we lose natural facial volume, definition and lift.

Cheek fillers replace the natural substance our body loses as we age, rejuvenating the overall look of your face by softening out fine lines, filling in facial hollows and giving you a volumised look.

Cheek fillers are also popular for improving facial contours and rejuvenating your skin. Our dermal fillers are safe and formulated using a non-permanent gel made of hyaluronic acid.


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how do cheek fillers work?

Dermal fillers are gels made from naturally occurring complex sugars. These sugars are already present in the layers of your skin, providing structure, support and skin elasticity.

Volumising fillers enhance or restore structure, volume and youthful contours to the larger areas of the face, cheeks and the jaw line. Our qualified Medical Practitioners inject this type of filler in the cheek causing volume to naturally increase, while also hydrating, rejuvenating and filling in deep wrinkles and facial crests.

You will be able to enjoy the results of fuller cheeks and youthful skin immediately, post treatment!

Cheek Filler

how do I get started?

Book in a cosmetic consultation at your local Laser Lounge clinic. During your consult, our team of Medical Practitioners will find the correct treatment for you.

You will then begin your treatment journey to healthy skin and a look you’ll love! Our team of accredited Medical Practitioners are highly trained to treat advanced cosmetic injectable treatments nationwide and are qualified in using all cosmetic products.


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