Beauty Booster


For ultimate skin hydration and restoring your outer glow the Beauty Booster cosmetic treatment will improve the appearance of your skin for a youthful result.

A unique formula rich in hyaluronic acid (HA), anti-oxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals is administrated into your skin via micro-injections with the V2 injector gun.

The hyaluronic acid injections compensate the natural loss of this substance and stimulate the production of collagen to help smooth out wrinkles, enhance skin glow and restore volume.

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During a Beauty Booster treatment the redensity (HA rich) formula will be injected into the skin via hypodermic micro-injections. The V2 injector gun will administer the redensity along the lines of wrinkles and be evenly spread over the surface of the whole face.

The results are seen immediately at the first session. The skin has a better colour, is less creased, hydrated and becomes more supple. Gradually, from one session to the next, the complexion looks increasingly radiant and the skin becomes firmer.

Beauty Booster is great for treating the face, neck and decolletage.

For an optimum result, an initial protocol of 3 sessions are advised and a maintenance session 2-3 times a year are recommended.

Treatments take approximately 30 minutes for the face. Treatment time will depend on the size, location and condition of the area being treated.

The micro-injections are shallow and performed with very fine needles. The Redensity formula contains lidocaine which is a local anaesthetic used worldwide.

For enhanced comfort anaesthetising cream is available for application prior to treatment.

Throughout the procedure your experienced Cosmetic Nurse will take precautions to ensure you are most comfortable during your treatment.

Depending on your skin, areas being treated and the product being used treatment prices will vary.

Our team of expert Cosmetic Injectors will tailor a treatment plan to suit your skin condition ensuring long term successful results.

If you have a time frame and budget in mind, it is best to advise your Cosmetic Injector so a plan considering your lifestyle and budget can be taken into consideration.

Book in a cosmetic consultation at your choice clinic destination. This will allow our team of medical practitioners to assess your skin, medical information and lifestyle thoroughly. Once this is completed, we will begin your treatment journey to healthy and refreshed skin!

Please note, our experienced and professional team of medical practitioners are highly trained to treat skin condition. We are accredited and qualified in using all cosmetic products. We perform advanced cosmetic injectable treatments nationwide.

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