Wrinkles – Profession Confession! Industry Panel Discussion Event!

The Laser Lounge Wrinkles Industry Panel

On Monday 20th August 2012, The Laser Lounge hosted an exclusive media VIP event called ‘Wrinkles – Profession Confession!’.  Beauty Editors, TV Producers and Bloggers came together at Sydney’s trendy Sussex Lane Settlement Bar, to enjoy a glass of champagne, nibblies and a night focused on industry leading news regarding anti-wrinkle treatments and solutions.

This is a topic that we at The Laser Lounge have been itching to talk about! Hype continues to surround anti-wrinkle treatment solutions... so... we decided to put together the best panel of industry experts who could confidently discuss on-trend topics and answer all those ‘age-old’ questions. The panel members consisted of our very own Bita Beyzaee, Co-Founder and Head of Client Services at The Laser Lounge, Dr. Bernard Beldholm, Cosmetic Surgeon at Cosmos Clinic and the much loved Bahar Etminan, Founder and Editor of Rescu.com.au. With their knowledge combined, we knew the questions surrounding anti-aging skin care and ingredients, skin rejuvenation techniques and trends, along with the fad’s, faux’s and highs and lows of cosmetic enhancements, would be well and 'truly' answered.

The event began at The Laser Lounge Sydney CBD boutique clinic in which our highly esteemed guests were able to mingle and dine. They enjoyed a glass of champagne and nibblies including delicious wraps and anti-pasto platters. As well as this, guests were asked to think about any questions they may like to ask the panel regarding the night’s topic. Guests were then escorted next door to the chic and trendy Settlement Bar private function room, which was ‘decked out’ in stylish and elegant ‘The Laser Lounge’ themed décor. Orange gerberas and fresh white chrysanthemums along with dazzling grey and white candelabras lit up the room to create an atmosphere that marked sophistication, style and flair.

The Laser Lounge Wrinkles Industry Panel

After the guests were seated and full of delicious champagne and nibblies, it was time to knuckle down and get into the nitty gritty of the nights theme; anti-wrinkle treatments and solutions. The conversation began with a discussion on trust, and the research consumers should take when considering cosmetic enhancements.  This is something that we always tell our clients at The Laser Lounge because a critical component of trust comes down to the relationship you have with your Skin and Laser Technician, Dermal Therapist or Practitioner… “It is important as a practitioner to really listen to your patients concerns and make them aware of the full range of treatments and procedures that are available to them” says Dr. Beldholm. “It is vital to spend the time to educate your patient about the results and effects of the procedure they are considering, especially if it is their first time”.  (A motto our qualified Skin and Laser Technicians at The Laser Lounge definitely echo!)

The discussion on trust naturally progressed onto industry standards and the need for consumers to be checking practitioner’s qualifications, as well as the types of technologies being used on their skin to ensure they are receiving safe and effective treatments. Bita Beyzaee mentioned that for Laser and IPL technologies, consumers should be checking “where the machines were purchased from, who services them, and opt for medical graded over salon graded Lasers or IPL… as in general there are fewer chances of side effects and adverse reactions.” Finally, the consumer should also check the qualifications of the technician and how much experience they have working with the machine, after all, “the machine is only as good as its operator” says Ms. Beyzaee.

On the topic of “when is the right time to consider anti-wrinkle solutions”, Bahar Etminan referenced the significant number of women, average age being 25, who desire the treatments that 55 year olds are having. She mentioned that “the majority of 25 year old women have already dabbled in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments… 25 year olds are 3 or 4 years into have injectables, peels, micro-dermabrasion and other preventative and corrective skin treatments” says Ms. Etminan. “As industry professionals, we need to acknowledge this trend, and use our experience and understanding to educated consumers about the treatments and procedures they are considering”.

One of the most interesting points of discussion brought up on the night, was the rising trend in males seeking anti-ageing treatments to maintain a youthful appearance. “Times are definitely changing… before, men were very embarrassed about treating their skin concerns, but recently I have noticed that they do like to look after themselves and maintain their self image. Once they come in and see how comfortable, easy and effective treatments are, they always walk out the front door with the utmost confidence” says Ms. Beyzaee. Dr. Beldhom agreed, stating, “The frown lines seem to be of most concern to our male patients… these concerns are being tackled at a younger age using treatments such as dermal fillers and injectables”.

Wrinkles Expert Discussion Panel

If you are interested in any of the topics that were discussed on the night, you can check out Bahar’s incredibly successful Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Website www.Rescu.com.au. Bahar is known for her invaluable industry knowledge as well as her ability to ‘write to trend’. In terms of cosmetic services that were discussed go to www.cosmosclinic.com.au and make sure to check out Dr. Bernard Beldholm’s profile online to see his extensive specialised cosmetic surgery background, as well as many of his achievements within the medical industry. You can also hop our services page or email info@thelaserlounge.com.au for any of your anti-wrinkle questions!

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