Why you L-O-V-E The Laser Lounge!

The Laser Lounge annouced 5 Lucky Winners of our One Day Only "Why you L-O-V-E The Laser Lounge" Competition. Winners won Double Passes to 96.1FM's exclusive Christmas party held at The Collector Hotel on Friday,  10 December featuring Special Guest Performance by Israel performing “Freak Tonight” and his new single “Hold It Down”FREE Drinks inc. for 2 hours!

We were overwhelmed with entries, check out a small collection of comments below:

I love the Laser lounge because they gave me the perfect tan after hours for my holiday... felt great all week!

Laser lounge keeps me smooth, they use voices that sooth, putting me in a good mood, giving me back my groove!

I love the laser lounge cause: They make me feel so welcome and comfortable for all my laser treatments. They are professional and always make sure that I feel comfortable and happy with my treatments.

Firstly the staff (ladies in the CBD) were really nice, calm, gentle and eased by feelings of concern about my first ever laser treatment.
I was amazed at how my treatment worked so fast. After my first visit there was a marked improvement. Will never ever have to wax again! what girl wouldn't be happy about that!

I L-O-V-E the laser lounge because it removes my greatest worry in my life, having to maintain unwanted hair!

I L-O-V-E the Laser Lounge because through their fantastic beauty and laser hair removal treatments, it makes people feel great about themselves and improves their confidence all year round.

Laser Lounge has changed the way I live my life.  I no longer have to spend two hours in the bathroom before going to the beach....I just go.

“L” = Luscious hair free skin – Laser hair removal actually WORKS!
“O” = Outstanding customer service – still to this day I use Bita and Gita’s customer service, as my recommendation to others to visit the laser lounge!
“V” = Valuable – The results from laser hair removal at the laser lounge are worth every penny!
“E” = Experience – With time, comes experience – and the Laser Lounge definitely has it!

... because Bita & Gita's team provide an excellent service that is friendly, welcoming,and  makes you feel great!

Why do I love the laser lounge? Because they have given me the  confidence to LOVE myself and the way I look!  Thanks ladies, can’t wait for my next appointment next week!

I LOVE the Laser Lounge because they're so friendly and professional - much better than the other place I was going to previously before being recommended the Laser Lounge. The prices for laser are better and the atmosphere is better, the staff are lovely and make you feel comfortable. I've also been getting excellent results with my laser! My friends all go to the Laser Lounge too, and we're all super happy with the service!

Hi Guys,
I could only speak on behalf of my family and I! If there is a " model" clientelle out there it would be us. Im 40yrs old married with two teenage girls and are regulars at the Laser Lounge. We are living proof that The Laser Lounge caters for everyone!!!! This could only be achieved by the level of friendly professional service!!

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