Why The Laser Lounge loves DMK’s Solar Damage Gel!

DMK Products at The Laser Lounge

One of the things we know everyone loves about summer, is being able to cruise down to the beach on those scorching hot days and soak up the sun, saltwater and shore-side breeze. BUT, we also know that feeling you get once you come home from your luxurious beach day – yup – you know what we’re talking about. Coarse and tangled hair, sand in places where one would never like sand to be, and worst of all… dry and sun damaged skin.

Well, thanks to DMK and The Laser Lounge, your 'post-beach debacles' are a thing of the past! And it all comes down to one DMK product – the Solar Damage Gel. Solar Damage Gel (SDG) is a product we Laser Lounge girls absolutely swear by… and this is why.

SDG helps strengthen the natural water barrier and defences of the skin. It restores skin that has been punished by age, harmful ultra violet rays, climatic conditions and any external aggravation. This amazing product works to restore and maintain collagen and elastin fibres while promoting more efficient respiration and hydration.

You know how we feel about our clients spending excessive time in the sun - big no-no! But we understand that sometimes you just cant fight the harsh Aussie climate. So if you come home looking a little flushed (or as red as a lobster) use a generous amount of SDG on your face, neck, hands and body where skin is effected. The feeling of applying this silky and decadent product on sun damaged skin is equivalent to soaking in a bath full of cool aloe water – oh the relief!

With active ingredients including water, aloe leaf extract and hyaluronic acid, SDG provides the skin with a diet of skin supporting nutrients in a specialised gel moisturiser. DMK Solar Damage Gel is unrivalled in its capacity to REPAIR, REBUILD, PROTECT and maintain optimum skin conditioning.

For further information on any DMK products including the Solar Damage Gel, or our fantastic in-clinic DMK skin corrective treatments, please call The Laser Lounge on 1300 963 962 or email info@thelaserlounge.com.au!

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