Why Men Say “Yes” to Laser Hair Removal!

In previous generations a man with more body hair used to be associated with a higher degree of masculinity. But in the same way the feminism movement has allowed modern women to become more detached from past stereotypes, so has a new generation of men broken lose from the hairy man = masculinity stereotype.

Interestingly at The Laser Lounge for every woman that has a laser hair removal treatment, a man also treats his unwanted hair. Men from all walks of life opt for laser hair removal at our clinics, whether they be a Real Estate Agent, Plumber, Lawyer, Stock Broker, Father, Business Owner and/or Student etc.

In saying this, although every man has their own unique reason why they chose to laser their hair, some reasons why men consider body laser hair removal may include the following;

  • A partner requested it! In the same way that men appreciate women who take care of their own grooming, men have come to accept that women also may have similar expectations of their male partners... I'm sure many will agree that a little bit of hair correctly situated on the body can be considered sexy, however out of control hair may be screaming for a little bit of control and maintenance.
  • Ingrowns! Many men suffer from ingrown hairs which are not only painful but also unsightly. An ingrown hair is a hair that curls back on itself and starts growing back into the follicle, or a hair that fails to grow out of the follicle and stays embedded in the skin.  If left untreated, ingrown hairs can become infected and require a Doctor to painfully remove. Ingrowns can occur on any area on the male body, most commonly we see the face, back, shoulders, chest and lower back side.
  • Sport! Cyclists, swimmers, runners, body builders and weight lifters are often mentioned as the sports that require no body hair, but any sport where chafing can happen (just think tights) is a good candidate to prompt a man's laser hair removal quest. Also saving some time shaving will give you more time to train. See, you're a winner already!
  • Image! Most men may feel uncomfortable to admit it, but image is definitely a contributing factor to why some chose laser hair removal. Many men just love the feeling of smooth skin; they may be sensitive about their own body hair; they may be losing hair on their head and opt to laser their receding hair line rather than shave it everyday, or maybe they are completely honest with themselves and just know that they will look and feel alot more confident with less overall body hair. In this day and age, up keeping appearances is important and let's face it, who wants to be known as a "Gorilla".
  • Health! Trimming body hair often leads to less moisture and heat being captured by the hair and thus allowing less bacteria to find breeding grounds on the skin. Though it is often recommended as a contributing factor for men to laser their hair, it is most commonly an enjoyable side effect many male clients realise after their first laser treatment.

So gentlemen, there you have it! Many reasons why men may say Yes Yes Yes to laser hair removal to reduce their unwanted hair.

Why not try it now with treatment prices so affordable too!

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