What we mean by laser hair reduction “maintenance” treatments!

Laser Hair Reduction Maintenance Treatment

For many of us that are undergoing laser hair reduction treatments at The Laser Lounge, we often will hear our Skin and Laser Technicians refer to the phrase, “maintenance treatments”. Although we explain in detail what this means during your consultation and ongoing treatments, would you like to see for yourself what a maintenance treatment really looks like? Yes, we thought so!

Check out the image above where you’ll see a recent client’s half leg maintenance treatment. As you can see there are only a few yellow circles highlighting the areas requiring a few zaps where new hairs have grown through! Not to mention the most exciting part, which I’m sure most you newbie’s to the laser world won’t believe, she hasn’t shaved her legs and/or had a treatment since August 2011! That’s right – it’s been 9 months since her last treatment! How’s that for fabulous low maintenance beauty! Even better, to keep up her laser hair reduction results she had these laser zaps done along with her upper lip only within a few minutes.

Okay so you saw for yourself what a maintenance treatment really looks like, and to confirm what to expect; a maintenance treatment refers to a treatment which occurs post your initial treatment course of 6 to 8 or 8 to 10 treatments (your Skin and Laser Technician will advise you of your recommended course depending on the area/s and/or your individual situation). At this point, the area/s that has been treated with laser hair reduction should experience slower hair growth cycles.  Meaning, in the long run you will not require treatments at the same frequency of intervals as when you first started your laser hair reduction treatment course - as most of the hairs will be reduced and only new hairs may surface. In most cases, the hairs that come through are fluffy, sparse and hard to see and maintenance treatments may be recommended quarterly and/or half yearly or longer. In fact, this particular client was laughing away during her maintenance session about how long the hairs were, as she just stopped looking at her legs, “the hairs are so minimal, it’s hard to notice”. In saying this, you can see that it has been some time since her last treatment as the hairs that are visible are very very long.

So if you want to truly LOUNGE ABOUT and save time looking and feeling beautiful book in for your FREE Laser Hair Reduction consultation today! Maintenance treatments are a goal for all our clients to achieve and we look forward to seeing you enjoy your lounge about journey at The Laser Lounge!

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