Wanna Glow? Top 5 Tips to Fake It not Bake It!

Nothing screams out "refreshed" more than a golden glow which is usually achieved after spending hours lounging about in the sun! However if you're time poor or prefer to protect your skin from sun damage (like us) check out our top 5 tips to help you fake it rather than bake it…

1. Spray Tan

The best way to achieve a faux glow is through a spray tan! Spray tans can provide an even coverage without any annoying tan lines. It’s always best to look for a green based tanning solution to achieve the most natural colour. We recommend Black Magic as it leaves you looking as though you spent time frolicking in the Mediterranean, rather than a wrestling match with an oompa loompa.

2. Tanning Body Moisturisers

Another good option is to use a tanning moisturiser which gradually builds up colour. We find it best to apply the moisturiser after your morning shower. We recommend to use a tan extender such as Black Magic’s Tan X-Tend which works two ways; it hydrates your skin whilst the organic DHA’s can extend a spray tan or build colour, so that you can get darker day by day.

3. Bronzer

If spray tans and creams are not your thing, then a quick application of bronzer (on areas noticeably exposed) can leave you positively glowing. We recommend ELES bronzer duos which allow you to contour and highlight at the same time!! Genius!!

4. Sheer Stockings

If your legs are matching your bright white teeth, sheer stockings with a hint of a bronze colour are also a good option. Think twice about your shoe selection though as open toe shoes and stockings are a no no!!

5. Avoid wearing pastels & nudes

Not many people can pull off these colours without looking a bit washed out. Opt for bright or dark colours to contrast the light skin tone and avoid looking pale.

For further information please call your closest Laser Lounge Clinic on 1300 963 962! Now you can afford to lounge about!

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