Top 5 Winter Beauty Tips

Winter not only makes the weather unbearable, but I’m pretty sure we all function below average in the cooler months as well. I mean - who isn’t a victim of avoiding getting out of bed, standing in the hot shower for too long, letting the hairs creep well over the skin, over indulging in food, or opting to wear trackie’s with a coat thrown over (hiding a mismatched outfit underneath). Why does the cold weather seem to bring out such bad habits? To avoid ‘bad habits’ and continue feeling your best, we’re here to share some simple Winter Beauty Tips!

1. Hydrating Skin Care

If you’re like me and sit in front of the heater all night, have air conditioning on all day and seem to be continually wiping your nose with tissues, we recommend you investing in skin care products that are designed to hydrate the skin.

As you all know we are BIG advocates of DMK Corrective Skin Care and some of their products designed to combat dryness are;

Seba E; In conjunction with Herb & Mineral Mist’s chemistry - this formula is as close as possible to the secretions of our skin. The formulation will hold nutrient rich water in the skin for hours reviving the acid mantle nature gave us when we were born.

Herbal Pigment Oil
will also combat dryness and soften and breakdown dry scaly areas and lighten them. Not only can this formulation be used on the face but can also be used for dark circles around the eyes, cuticle oil, and a lip oil for dry lips. My personal favourite!

Hydrophilic Crème
with Herb & Mineral Mist combines rich goodies of vitamins A & D which aids to help seal in moisture and velvetise the skin. It also has the ability to hold 10 times its weight in water. Now that's what I'm talking about! :)

2. Sensitive Skin Care

If you already suffer from red flushing skin, Winter can be your worst nightmare! All the layers of clothing and heavy doonas at night generate a lot of heat in the body, and unfortunately your skin type is prone to responding with a bright red face! Believe me I know (it’s the best to have this symptom under control)... To avoid wearing red on your face we recommend Betagen Creme!

Betagen Crème applied with Herb & Mineral Mist provides a unique formulation essential for combating red and reactive skin. It has been likened to an ‘ambulance in a jar’ to rescue environmentally stressed, damaged and reactive skins. It contains an anti-inflammatory extract from trees indigenous to Africa, vitamin e and powerful anti – oxidants to calm the skin and turn back any damaging effects.

DMK Skin Care

3. Laser Hair Reduction

Not referring to the hair on your head, but like many of our new clients who can run their fingers through their leg, chest and arm hairs - Winter is the best time to jump on the laser hair reduction band wagon and reduce unwanted hair! As the weather is cooler, you will be able to squeeze in a few treatments before summer arrives (without worrying about sun exposure which can disrupt your treatment progress) and have beach ready smooth skin. I can honestly say that I don’t have this concern anymore, as I’m pretty much hair less now. Best time saver ever!

Laser Hair Removal Test Patch

4. Laser Pigmentation Reduction

If you’re prone to freckly skin and have always wanted to do something about it, but not sure when to start treatments... Well... Winter is the best time to book in, as you can take advantage of being covered up and no one realising what you have had done! Please keep in mind, that pigmentation reduction treatments do make your skin more photosensitive, so if you’re really self conscious of freckles on your chest, arms, shoulders or face etc, it is highly recommended to book in treatments now. Below is a client who came in for a FREE Consultation and Test Patch (left) and then invested in a treatment course (right is a image of treatment results experienced after only ONE laser pigmentation reduction treatment). I’m sure you’ll be amazed by the before and after shots! This is why we love what we do!

Laser Pigmentation Reduction

5. Spray Tanning

Are you a victim of the “I wish they didn’t tag me on that face book pic”? We all do it! We get dressed up, take photos and post them online... But when we’re not looking our best - isn’t it the worst feeling when you see others looking all glammed up and you’re just appearing simple ordinary. To avoid looking ordinary, I recommend spray tans before a big night out. You don’t need to  look to dark, and instead, I think it’s best to opt for a light natural looking tan to give your skin a “glowing complexion”. I know that no matter what I wear, I wear it best when my skin is tanned!

There you have it ladies and gents – our Top 5 Winter Beauty Tips! Speaking from experience, we know our loyal clients really benefit from using the right skin care in Winter to keep their skin feeling it’s best, having laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments done whilst risking less sun exposure and opting for a light coated spray tan before a big night out to keep you looking and feeling glamorous in photos (especially face book).

For further enquiries, please call The Laser Lounge on 1300 963 962!

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