The Regrets of Having Fun in the Sun!!

So I hear that you have some not so appealing brown spots of pigmentation that you just can’t stand and zone in on every time you look in the mirror...Yep, the constant reminder of those younger days you spent having fun in the sun! Getting tired of spending time in front of the bathroom mirror trying to conceal the regretful memories with every form of concealer and foundation that has been recommended to you on the market! Don’t be surprised, you’re not the only one in Australia with this concern.

If you are serious about trying to help lighten and brighten those darker memories on your skin, then maybe it’s time to consider how Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments can help to alleviate your unwanted pigmentation and age spots!

How does IPL work?

Laser/ IPL emits an energy that specifically targets pigmented lesions in the skin without disrupting the skin’s natural surface. Laser/ IPL also stimulates natural collagen and elastin production in the active skin cells (fibroblasts), improving the skin’s overall texture and complexion. Skin rejuvenation treatments overall improve the skin’s colour and texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and minimises open pores.

How do I know if Laser/IPL skin rejuvenation treatments are working for me?

You will see results after your VERY FIRST treatment. The pigmented lesions may look raised and/ or darker and then will form a scab/ crust prior to it flaking off the skin. The results will become more impressive with each successive treatment. Your skin’s overall texture and complexion will also improve throughout the treatments.

Our clients are continually experiencing great results and value for money at The Laser Lounge!

How many treatments will I need?

For best results, on average we recommend completing 2 to 6 treatments, 4 to 8 weeks apart. As the condition of skin and individual expectations will differ the number of treatments required may vary. During your consultation our Skin and Laser Specialist will discuss a personalised treatment plan for you.

Maintenance treatments may be recommended to be performed on the area for some clients based on the skin’s colour, condition and personal lifestyle.

Are there any risks or side effects?

Immediately following a Laser/ IPL skin rejuvenation treatment, clients may experience either slightly reddened or goose bump like skin. It feels somewhat like a mild sunburn. This effect is very normal and will disappear shortly after. Damage to the skin is very rare and only in some few cases, clients may experience pigment change in the skin. If this occurs, the skin will typically return to normal over time. In saying this, our Skin and Laser Specialist team are experienced and are here to ensure you experience a satisfying treatment.

How will I look in between the treatments?

Post treatment the skin may be slightly swollen and/or red with the pigmented lesions appearing raised and/ or darker. The pigmented lesions may form a scab/ crust prior to it flaking off the skin.
Your skin’s overall texture and complexion will also improve throughout the treatments.

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