The Laser Lounge Ladies at Rescu-Me… Part 5!

One of the most entertaining aspects of the Rescu-Me Life Makeover Event was our Beauty Panel, made up of the biggest names in the industry including well-known Makeup Artist, Michael Brown, Hair Stylist to the stars, Joh Bailey and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Mark Kohout. Not only did we pick up some fantastic beauty, skin and hair tips… we had a good laugh too!!!

Michael Brown’s Top Makeup Tips:

• Michael demonstrated the significance of highlighting and contouring the face when applying makeup! One of the top tips we picked up, was using a darker bronzer to contour the cheeks (avoiding the apple of the cheek) as well as a highlighter to accent the cheek bone and bridge of the nose. We are definitely going to start experimenting with our DMK Highlighting compacts to achieve this look 😉 

Dr. Mark Kohout on Natural vs. Hollywood:

• Dr. Kohout touched on the importance of ‘going natural’ when it comes to non-surgical and surgical cosmetic enhancements. The aim is to avoid the look of The Desperate Housewives of… well ANYWHERE really, and opt for treatments that are suitable for your age group and skin concerns. In turn, this will provide you with a natural and more refined appearance. At The Laser Lounge, we could not agree more! We aim to treat clients’ skin with a holistic approach, combing corrective skin treatments with cosmetic injectable treatments to simply ‘refresh’ and rejuvenate skin. 

Joh Bailey’s top 3 hair trends for 2013:

• The pixie crop – suitable for people with smaller features and looking for a drastic change! Celebrity icons include Michelle Williams and Emma Watson.
• The Lob (long bob) – one of the most popular hairstyles of the year! This hairstyle is chic, elegant and easy to maintain. It also compliments many of the fashion trends at the moment including the high neck and embellished collar. Celebrity icons include Olivia Palermo and Jessica Alba.
• The Victoria’s Secret ‘blow out’ – whilst this may be the sexiest hairstyle of them all, it certainly is one of the hardest to achieve. Joh Bailey says don’t attempt this one at home ladies; it is specifically a job for your experienced hair stylist! Celebrity icons include Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr.

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The Rescu-Me Event was overall a very insightful day, and we walked away feeling inspired, motivated and fresh! We would like to personally thank Editor and Founder of, Bahar Etminan, for hosting such an amazing event, along with her team. We look forward to attending your next Rescu-Me Event next year!

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