The Laser Lounge Ladies at Rescu-Me… Part 4!

How lucky were we, to sit back and relax, and pick up some of the most sought out tips and tricks to Fashion and Style? The Rescu-Me Fashion and Style Panel included big names such as Glynis Trail-Nash, Australia’s Next Top Models, Josh Flinn and The Block’s, Darren Palmer. Each panellist was able to shed some light on the latest trends in fashion, style and interior design!

What Glynis Trail-Nash has to say about upcoming Fashion Trends:

  • The key item for this year is the pencil skirt! If you only have one item in your closet, then it has to be this. The most effective thing about the pencil skirt is that it can take you from desk to dinner… and with our extended working hours ladies, we don’t always have time to rush home and change before we head out for a ‘girls night’ in the city!
  • On-trend colours this season include Black and White and hints or accents of Cobalt Blue and Bright Red. Glynis’ personal favourite was everything Blue!
  • On-trend colours this season include Black and White and hints or accents of Cobalt Blue and Bright Red. Glynis’ personal favourite was everything Blue!

Josh Flinn on elegance, dressing for your body shape and investing in timeless pieces:

  • When revealing the secret to fabulous style, ANTM’s Josh Flinn, referred to style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie O. These women were in command of their style by keeping it simple and elegant whilst projecting the utmost confidence. Josh says “simplicity is the key” when it comes to Fashion and Style.
  • In order to mirror this sophistication, Josh suggests we invest in timeless and classic pieces such as a LBD (Little Black Dress), Cashmere’s, Silks, a Leather Mini Skirt and/or a Trench Coat. While you may be investing a little bit more upfront, these pieces will last you through the seasons and can be mixed and matched with ever-changing trends. So don’t feel guilty about splurging on quality items… just think of these purchases as long-term investments!

Darren Palmer on the importance of Interior Design:

  • One of our favourite quotes of the day was by The Block’s Darren Palmer, who began his presentation by saying “it is just as important to express yourself in your own home… as it is in public”. JUST WOW! This made us think about how we express ourselves at The Laser Lounge… Orange lounges to make our clients feel comfortable and welcome and plenty of photos, fresh flowers and scented candles to make you feel ‘at home’.
  • One of Darren’s most important tips when it comes to designing your home is to keep things visual! Keep a scrapbook of things, places or people that inspire you. He even suggested using Social Media channels such as Pinterest and Instagram to keep your references in front of you!


We were lucky enough to meet Darren after the event and take a quick pic! Darren says that 3D Printing is the ‘next big thing’ and we can expect to see this have a huge effect on the processes of Interior Design. We were also lucky enough to meet Josh at the Miss Country Girl Australia Pageant 2011... back in those blonde days! Thank you to the Fashion and Style Panel, who were not only entertaining, but provided us with some handy tips on how we can project style and confidence!

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