The Laser Lounge Ladies at Rescu-Me… Part 2!

Another fantastic aspect of our day at the Rescu-Me Life Make Over Event was learning the importance of Health, Fitness and General Wellbeing in order to manage stress and minimise the risk of disease. Guests were able to participate in a Health and Wellbeing Panel, facilitated by high profile personalities including Nutritionist to the stars, Zoe Bingly-Pullin, Fitness Expert, Sally Symonds, Naturopath Anthia Kollouros and Health and Lifestyle Expert, Sharon Kolkka. Our ALL FEMALE panel, treated us to the following tips! 😉


Tip Number 1 – Did you know chocolate is a super food!!?? Well… technically ‘Cacao’ is a super food! Cacao is a beanlike seed from which cocoa, cocoa butter, and chocolate are made. It is a natural stimulant, high in B-complex and is specifically good for decreasing cellular ageing!

Tip Number 2 – To manage and reduce stress, try incorporating ‘Maca’ into your diet. Maca is a root that belongs to the radish family. It is a powerful adaptogen and it tones and strengthens the adrenal glands. But managing stress is not just solely based on diet; one of the most interesting tips we received on the day was to learn to manage stress by choosing better thoughts. Pure thoughts = productive thoughts! The perfect quote to round it all up… “I will no let anyone walk through my mind with dirty feet” – Ghandi. BRILLIANT!

Tip Number 3 – Fitness Expert, Sally Symonds, mentioned that as a nation we have spent 825 million dollars on weight loss products in the last year, yet general statistics show that we are becoming more and more obese. One interesting point that Sally brought up is that we shouldn’t reward ourselves for short terms goals, as this is not effective for a long-term fitness plan!

Tip Number 4 - If you believe that you are genuinely a healthy person (exercise regularly, eat well and get plenty of rest) but still don’t feel 100%... then these are the signs you need to look out for before seeking professional health advice:

  • Low energy levels
  • Not healing well
  • Bruising easilyBrain fog (not being able to think clearly!)
  • Brain fog (not being able to think clearly!)

Being passionate about skin means we, at The Laser Lounge, understand the importance of treating skin from the inside out! What a great way for The Laser Lounge ladies to pick up some interesting health and wellbeing tips to fuel our desire to provide clients with fantastic treatment outcomes :)

To find out more about our Health and Wellbeing panel go to! or visit the following websites:

Panel Photos – by GM Photographics

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