The Dark Hair Days Are Over – Style Magazine Review June 2011

Senior QLD Style Magazine Journalist, Sarah Webb and her partner Scott, reviewed Paddington's Laser Lounge Laser Hair Removal treatments... Read about Sarah and Scott's experience in the June edition below;


FOR THOUSANDS OF men and women, the removal of hair, the endless ingrowns and the sheer time spent dealing with the entire process isn’t just a painful battle – it’s a war. In fact if you’re like me, and have lighter skin, dark hair and a tendency towards those nasty aforementioned ingrowns, then it’s a war you know you’ll lose. So when Paddington’s reputable Laser Lounge invited me in for a permanent laser hair reduction treatment, I felt my cavalry had finally arrived. My dark-haired partner Scott was also invited in to try out the treatment (he was rapt to get rid of some back hair) so with both of us not knowing much about the process we headed in. While there we are overcome by a few pre-laser butterflies but the professional and easy-going gals immediately put us at ease We’re talked through the process, which includes where you want the hair removed and also how laser works, before having the difference between Laser and IPL explained (unlike IPL, Laser is a focused wavelength that penetrates deeper into the skin and targets the hair root, causing permanent reduction to the hair follicle). You can say goodbye to in-growns, while any new hair that grows through is a lot finer (yippee). We get to work and I discover the treatment is about five times less painful then waxing and a lot quicker. Scott’s in and out even faster and he is nothing short of surprised at how easy the whole process is. In the coming weeks we discover a significant reduction (this is further increased by repeat visits) and I’m thrilled that the painful, expensive and frustrating days of waxing are over, while Scott is feeling more confident than ever.

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