The Beauty Formula


Meet Florence Colgate; a beautiful 18 year old female who has recently earned the title of “Britain’s Most Beautiful Face”. Why you ask? There is no denying that Florence is beautiful, however according to this title, maths, plays the deciding role on who is B3AUT1FUL!

Devised by the Ancient Greeks, there is a mathematical formula for beauty, calculating the distance from the eyes to the mouth. If this distance adds to one third of the face then you can call yourself beautiful! Simple! Ha. On Florence the distance is a near-perfect 32.8%!

Okay so Florence’s face has many characteristics that stand out and one Face Expert Judge commented on her large eyes, high cheekbones, full lips and fair complexion gave her  “cues to attractiveness.On the other hand in the US, People Magazine, just recently voted Beyonce as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman! Go Yummy Mummy! So in saying this, do you think there is such thing as a single ideal or calculation when it comes to determining who is beautiful?  

Florence certainly has Cinderella like qualities with her blonde hair, blue eyes, Caucasian complexion  and youth on her side, however although she is extremely genetically blessed, we can't help but think that there are plenty of other women who match up despite their calculated ratios! Now a days it’s the simple flaws or unique features that can make people appear more attractive. Take Miranda Kerr’s dimples, Kate Moss’s fine eyes, Madonna’s gap between her teeth, Seal’s Lupus scars, Sarah Jessica Parker’s nose or mole!  Infact, we believe that equally attractive - beauty does come in all different shapes and forms of ethnicity, hair colours, skin colours and ages!

Does this ratio calculation add up? What formula do you use to judge beauty?

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