Non-Ablative Fractional


From just $225 when you receive 50% off your first treatment, our state-of-the-art Clear + Brilliant technology, non-ablative fractional laser uses high temperatures to eliminate unnecessary and damaged skin tissue.

As an alternative to ablative procedures, which can cause many side effects and requires significant downtime for healing, a non-ablative treatment delivers similar results, without the nasty consequences of ablative.

This procedure is most suited to those who suffer from sun damaged skin, signs of aging, irregular pigmentation (melasma), acne scars, wrinkles, uneven skin tone/colour and open pores.

We also offer personalised packages and benefits to you as a valued client.

"After pregnancy my skin developed horrible pigment, the clear and brilliant has helped my skin recover and reduce the pigment."  - GT, Balmain NSW

By delivering precise and powerful laser energy to the skin’s surface, Clear + Brilliant’s non-ablative technology uses smart-tip technology to penetrate the area, without inflicting any damage or wounding.

As a result, new collagen growth is promoted and the skin is plumped frombelow the surface.

Throughout this procedure, scars and lines are smoothened by Clear + Brilliant’s ability to redesign the basic structure of their collagen.

This treatment is administered to your skin by carefully guiding the device across the area for around 20 minutes.


To prepare for the session, your therapist will apply topical numbing cream to allow you to experience maximum comfort.

There is very minimal recovery time included in non-ablative fractional laser treatment, your therapist will apply a topical antioxidant serums along with physical sunscreen immediately after the procedure has been completed.

Redness should be expected, with the potential for possible swelling. Generally, these symptoms vanish within 12 – 24 hours. In some cases, itchiness may occur, but it’s important to note that this is a natural part of the skin’s healing process and will diminish a few days after the session.

To achieve maximum results, at least four treatments are required, separated four weeks from each other. This will allow optimal collagen growth and enhanced skin plumping. For those who suffer from severe or deep scars and wounds, additional treatments will be necessary.

Please Note. Laser treatments of any nature are not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Depending on your skin condition, treatment prices vary as our team of expert Dermal Therapists will tailor a treatment plan to suit your skin condition ensuring long term successful results.

If you have a time frame and budget in mind, it is best to advise your Dermal Therapist so a plan considering your lifestyle and budget can be taken into consideration.

Book in a free skin consultation at your choice clinic destination.
This will allow our team to assess your skin, medical information and lifestyle thoroughly. Once this is completed, we will begin your treatment journey to healthy skin!

Please note, our experienced and professional team of Dermal Therapists are highly trained to treat all skin conditions.
We are accredited and qualified in using medical grade apparatus and performing advanced skin treatments.

"I had really bad acne scarring and with dark skin no one could help me, I can’t thank the laser lounge castle hill enough, you have transformed my skin."

US, Norwest

"After visiting other clinics I glad I went to The Laser Lounge Balmain, they are so professional in their approach."

EK, Glebe

"After just one treatment I cannot believe how fantastic my skin looks, even my husband noticed."

TN, Castle Hill

"My skin has never looked better and my confidence in myself is restored, forever grateful x."

PW, West Pennant Hills

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