From just $50 when you receive 50% off your first treatment our Microdermabrasion works by gently polishing away the very upper layers of the skin to reveal fresher, brighter, more youthful skin!

Microdermabrasion has endless benefits. It is proven to soften the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, by polishing dry and coarse areas. It can decrease the harsh appearance of scars and enlarged pores and also reduce hyper-pigmentation or age spots.

We also offer personalised packages and benefits to you as a valued client.

"Great microdermabrasion yesterday.. Thanks girls x" - SS, Castle Hill

"Nancy thank you sooo much for creating / renovating might be nearer the mark – a cleaner face. Looked in the mirror and rejoiced! You have given me a whole new outlook … Thank you and see you on the 19th August." - TR, Brisbane

Our crystal-tip device sucks in air via its hand held wand. A vacuum is then created when the device is placed against the area. Small aluminium oxide crystals are blasted across the surface of the skin, picking up dead, dull surface cells along the way.

This treatment is unique because it offers both immediate and long term results.
Your skin may appear slightly pink following treatment, but no downtime is required.
Many clients opt for this treatment during their lunch break at work.

Clinical Microdermabrasion is mostly comfortable; however some areas are more prone to sensitivity such as the tissue of the mouth and nose. Our Skin and Laser Technicians will ensure your comfort levels are met.

It is important to realise that Clinical Microdermabrasion treatments take off the outer layer of the skin which is also its protection. We recommend using a SPF 30+ sunscreen post treatment, even if you are not planning on exposing your skin to the sun.

Depending on your skin condition, treatment prices vary as our team of expert Dermal Therapists will tailor a treatment plan to suit your skin condition ensuring long term successful results.

If you have a time frame and budget in mind, it is best to advise your Dermal Therapist so a plan considering your lifestyle and budget can be taken into consideration.


Book in a free skin consultation at your choice clinic destination.
This will allow our team to assess your skin, medical information and lifestyle thoroughly. Once this is completed, we will begin your treatment journey to healthy skin!

Please note, our experienced and professional team of Dermal Therapists are highly trained to treat all skin conditions.
We are accredited and qualified in using medical grade apparatus and performing advanced skin treatments.

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