Pigmentation Removal

Whether you’re genetically prone, having too much fun in the sun or experiencing new spots from hormonal changes and/or aging, pigmentation, commonly referred to as freckles or discoloured patches is a popular skin concern to reduce at The Laser Lounge!

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Hand Sun Damage Pigmentation Reduction

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Pigmentation Removal treatments can be performed on the Face and Full Body.


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“World Domination for The Laser Lounge”

“My sister visited your clinic for the first time today as she had a couple of her freckles removed with Emily and is in love with the results. Another happy client and a step closer to world domination for The Laser Lounge! Ha!”

SM, Sydney

“The best treatment I’ve ever had”

“The best treatment I’ve ever had. Been going to the laser lounge for 6 months and the results are unbelievable.”

VJC, Maroubra


How does Pigmentation Removal work?

At The Laser Lounge, we use Laser/IPL technologies to emit an energy that specifically targets pigmented lesions in the skin, without disrupting the skin’s natural surface. Laser/IPL also stimulates natural collagen and elastin production in the active skin cells (fibroblasts), improving the skin’s overall texture and complexion. Pigmentation Removal treatments overall improve the skin’s colour and texture, and minimises the appearance of sunspots, freckles and general discolouration of the skin.

Are there any post Skin Rejuvenation treatment restrictions?

The skin may at first feel slightly tender similar to a mild sunburn like sensation, however this will quickly subside. As the skin feels less sensitive you may resume to normal activities.

Are there any post Pigmentation Removal treatment restrictions?

Pre and post treatment care instructions will be advised by your Skin and Laser Technician. After your treatment, lesions may appear raised and darker with a reddened perimeter. In this time you can apply ice or cool packs to soothe the area. It is also best to avoid generating body heat through vigorous exercise.

Are Pigmentation Removal treatments permanent?

Pigmentation Removal treatments are very effective. Most clients experience pigmentation being removed permanently, however for some clients, new pigmentation may appear due to environmental factors or hormonal changes.
In order to prevent pigmentation resurfacing, it is important to avoid excessive sun exposure and apply SPF 30+ sunscreen daily during and post treatments. Depending on your skin and life style, maintenance treatments may be required.

How will I look in between Pigmentation Removal treatments?

Post treatment your skin may be slightly swollen and/or red with the pigmented lesions appearing raised and/or darker. It feels somewhat like a mild sunburn and the pigmented lesions may form a scab/crust prior to flaking off the skin. This effect is very normal and will disappear shortly after treatment. Damage to the skin is very rare, and only in some few cases, clients may experience pigment change on the area treated. If this occurs, the skin will typically return to normal over time. In saying this, our Skin and Laser Technician’s are experienced and are here to ensure you experience a satisfying treatment.

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