Our QnA with Top Fitness Model… Sophie Guidolin!

Sophie Guidolin is an outstanding Australian Fitness Model, who, with hard work and dedication, took out the 2012 INBA Sports Model competition. Being a mother of two young sons took a toll on Sophie’s body, as she gained 28 kgs throughout each pregnancy. It was then, that she decided to embark on her own personal lifestyle change and made a huge turn around! Combining weight training, cardio and clean eating habits has brought Sophie to the impressive and stunning physique she has today!

Being so active in the fitness world, and having to be ‘comp-ready’ all year round, means Sophie has to keep up with her beauty regime. Here are some of Sophie’s top beauty tips!

What inspired you to start training/competing?

I need some ‘me’ time. I had just gone through a rough marriage breakdown and didn’t really know who I was anymore… besides being a mum and a wife! I then had a really bad car accident and doctor’s thought I would never lift weights in any way, shape or form. However, under my physio’s advice, I began weight training to gain my strength and mobility back.

What does a typical day in the life of Sophie consist of when it comes to family, diet, beauty and exercise?

I’m up at around 5.30am to prep meals and do a cardio workout before my boys wake up. Then we have breakfast together, kindy/prep runs and I’m off to work! I train somewhere in the day for 45-60 minutes, 5 days a week. However, I ensure this never cuts into my family time. My diet is pretty regimented and can be followed online at www.sophieguidolin.com.au. Beauty for me is pretty simple – I use and LOVE Kosmea Rose Hip Oil 24/7 Radiance. It’s an oil that you put on our face and it gives you an instant glow – I LOVE IT! It also means I don’t have to wear too much make up. My hair is naturally very curly so most days it is blow dried out. However, there are always “those” days where I look like a baby orang-utan. LOL. My boys go to bed at 6.30pm every night and I follow at about 9.30-10pm… to wake up the next morning and do it all again!

What healthy foods, do you believe, contribute to healthy and glowing hair/skin?

Nuts! They are high in essential fats, along with almonds and salmon. Lucky they are yummy!

How do you get yourself competition ready when it comes to hair removal, tanning and skin care?

Well, I get all of my Laser Hair Reduction treatments at The Laser Lounge as I don’t want any ingrown bumps or waxing marks on stage, my tanning is done by my beautiful cousins using Vani-T and in terms of skincare I use Kosmea products!

What advice would you give to any women who are interested in embarking on a fitness journey?

To believe in themselves, no matter who they are or where they are at… you can achieve your goals! It will require dedication, commitment and a lot of energy but it is always worth it if it is a personal goal!

Stay tuned for further info on Sophie's fitness achievements this year - we are rooting for you Soph! :)

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