Our QnA with Bodybuilder… Arash Samali!

The Laser Lounge are extremely excited to be the proud sponsors of Brisbane based Personal Trainer and Bodybuilder, Arash Samali! Arash is a lifetime natural bodybuilder, who has been competing since 1999 and in this time has competed in 18 bodybuilding competitions, with a total of 16 podium finishes. With 6 championship titles under his belt, including 2 overall wins, Arash is an absolute inspiration when it comes to health, fitness and hard work! On top of these fantastic achievements, Arash also runs a Personal Training business which he established in 2002, specialising in contest preparation and physique enhancement, weight loss and nutritional planning, injury rehabilitation as well as training mature age and elderly clients.

Having to be competition ready all year round means Arash has to be on top of his 'beauty regime'! This means hair removal, tanning and of course healthy and radiant skin (but we say all men should be on top of this no matter what your profession!) Where else would Arash look, but to the trusty and qualified team at The Laser Lounge! We sat down with Arash for an insightful QnA regarding his lifestyle on the training scene as well as his plans and preparations for his next big competition.

How and when did you start training and bodybuilding?

I initially started weight training in 1996 that is a bodybuilding style of splits, sets and rep range. Previous to that, I had probably done some form of strength training for playing Basketball, this was predominantly leg based and ballistic and plyometric sports specific training. I decided to take on bodybuilding training as a way of balancing out my physique and the challenge that came with the sport. I have always loved to prove people wrong so I guess I had to prove a point to many that I could stick to something and be one of the best in it. I actively started competing in natural bodybuilding competitions in 1999 and I have competed 18 times  with 16 podium finishes and I  have won 6 titles which includes 2 overall championships….so far.

What does a typical days training session consist of?

Previously in my off season phase I was training 4 times a week.

Day 1 - Back and rear delts

Day 2 - Shoulders and triceps

Rest Day

Day 3 - Chest and Bis

Day 4 - Legs.

In precontest mode and now in my off season I add a separate day which falls on my cheat day or carb refeed day where I train my upper body focusing on my weak points.  As far as repetitions and sets, it all depends on the phase I am in. As I get leaner I tend to keep weight lighter and increase my volume as my joints and connective tissue seem to bear the brunt of the heavier weights. When I’m fuller, I try to increase the load progressively which usually means less reps and sets.

Who are your favourite bodybuilders, fitness models and/or athletes?

Arnold Schwarzenneger, Samir Bannout, Frank Zane, Flex wheeler and Dorian Yates.

The bodybuilding industry has certain requirements when it comes to grooming and beauty upkeep. How do you get yourself competition ready when it comes to hair removal, tanning and skin care?

Well previously I have waxed, shaved and used depilatory creams but they all have negatives to them. If I was coming up to my first show, my hair would not be long enough to wax again for my second shows, so I would have to shave anyway which doesn’t leave much time to go through the tanning process. With hair removal creams I can get irritations and ingrown hairs with all of the above methods.  I am really looking forward experiencing Laser Hair Reduction treatments, so I do not have to worry about any of these issues again. With bodybuilding tanning plays a huge part of stage preparation, having a rich dark base coat can really show off all the hard earned definition that you have worked towards. With all the tanning and hair removal , I unfortunately don’t take great care of my skin but I definitely will now with the expertise and help from The Laser Lounge.

Do you think all men should be conscious of skin care? If yes, do you think men feel embarrassed to care about their appearance?

I definitely think men should, but culturally I think it isn’t really something many do as it’s not a ‘blokey’ thing to do, but in this harsh climate I think if more men were conscious of their skin care we wouldn’t have as many skin health issues.

What advice would you give to any men who were interested in embarking on a fitness and/or bodybuilding journey?

My number one advice is to actually go to a competition and watch from the crowd or if you have a friend competing help them backstage (not always recommended as you could be a hindrance). Once you have seen what it’s all about and the actual level of conditioning required to compete then get help from someone with plenty of experience who can guide you in the right direction and start of in a smaller comp and work your way up from there.

We are so thrilled to be treating Arash in preparation for his next big bodybuilding competition, and we can't wait to see his treatment outcomes and process! Watch this space for updates on Arash's treatment progression and future achievements (which we are sure will be inclusive of many championship titles, national and worldwide!). For further information on Arash's Personal Training services in Brisbane, please call 0403 058 287! And for further information regarding The Laser Lounge and our specialised services, please call 1300 963 962 or email info@thelaserlounge.com.au!

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