New Extraction System at The Laser Lounge for Dry, Non-Sticky & Odourless Spray Tans!

Just because winter is around the corner, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a sexy, golden-bronze tan to sport on your next girls night out! Now, The Laser Lounge can offer you a dry, non-sticky and odourless Spray Tan! Our Castle Hill boutique clinic are now the proud owners of the Black Magic Extraction Spray Tan System, ensuring that your Spray Tan lands evenly on your skin... and nowhere else!

There’s nothing worse than walking out of a spray tan room with thick, black residue all over the floor… namely because it ends up on the bottom of your feet - yugh! With the new Black Magic Extraction Systems, our Spray Tan rooms remain clean and fresh all day long, so your Spray Tan experience is made more comfortable. If you know anything about The Laser Lounge, it’s that we pride ourselves in offering the most COMFORTABLE treatment experiences!

“Our clients can walk straight into our spray tan booth after a tan has just been performed, and it feels like they are the first person in there for the day as it smells so clean! You can actually see the mist get pulled into the vents, what a clean and comfortable way to spray tan!” says Linda Parker, Skin and Laser Technician at The Laser Lounge Castle Hill.

We absolutely LOVE our Black Magic spray tanning products as they are fast drying, non-sticky and odourless, providing our clients with a very natural looking colour. It is designed for all skin types, from fair to medium and olive complexions.  The 2-hour spray tan means clients enjoy the convenience of being able to shower as soon as two hours after as well as including anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. The 8-hour spray tan is for clients who are looking for the darkest, deepest tan possible without the orange tone! With green tea extracts and an aloe-vera base, Black Magic spray tanning solutions will nourish, hydrate and protect your skin to give that natural “sun-kissed” tan that we know our clients are looking for.

To book in for your flawless Spray Tan at The Laser Lounge Castle Hill, please call 9894 5665 or email!



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