My Super Woman Mum Deserves a Treat-ment!

Will Mum ever really understand just how much I appreciate her? Personally there is not enough I could do to thank my Mum for not only juggling taking care of myself and family, whilst working full time, then coming home exhausted each day to prepare a delicious home cooked meal and remembering to load another washing machine full of clothes and towels! Honestly, no matter how much I pitch in, I'm still convinced my Mum does more, and that she is simply just Super Woman!

However, even Super Woman needs to take time out once in a while and catch up with herself!

My Mum is a machine, don't get me wrong, but I have noticed lately that the long hours working, cooking and completing household errands have taken a toll on her skin and overall appearance. My Mum is convinced she isn't old and that she still has the energy to stay busy and active, however I know that throughout the years, even though my Mum is still young at heart, she definitely doesn't look as young as she feels. I've also caught her out a few times taking a quick glimpse at herself in the mirror pulling her face and wrinkles up or down.

If you're in the same boat and appreciate your Mum, but not too sure what to get your well deserving Mum for Mother's Day why not consider a Gift Voucher at The Laser Lounge?

The Laser Lounge Gift Voucher will ensure Mum experiences the 'lounge about' journey, with your Mum's skin and/or hair removal needs being given some overdue attention, whilst treatment recommendations are offered to reduce her unwanted concerns.

The Laser Lounge Gift Vouchers are great and versatile, as Mum can use it towards any clinical treatment including; laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, spider vein reduction, skin tightening, rosacea and broken capillaries and even cosmetic injectable treatments such as anti-wrinkle, dermal fillers and lip enhancements.

We assure you, your Mum will be in the perfect hands of our trusted team and not only will she feel relaxed but she'll be reborn again as not just a Mum, but a Yummy Mummy!

Why not call your nearest clinic today and purchase a Gift Certificate over the phone!If you're time poor The Laser Lounge can even email you a certificate and/or organise a Gift Voucher to be collected from the clinic before the big day!

The Laser Lounge have many special offers currently available that Mum can put her Gift Voucher towards so show Mum just how much you care and purchase a Gift Voucher today.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mum's out there that deserve a treat-ment!

The Laser Lounge Team

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