Mobin Master – Show Me Love

Have you ever wondered what the life of an internationally renowned DJ entails? Is it all private jets, private parties and a VIP lifestyle??

We set out to find out more from one of Australia’s most celebrated DJ’s…
The man behind dance track ‘Show Me Love’, which spent an incredible
52 weeks in the Australian Charts and remains the longest charting single in ARIA Club Chart History,
the man himself

DJ Producer Mobin Master

TLL: DJ life must be exciting! What is a typical day like for Mobin Master?
On a weekend, it’s get up and go in the studio - working on remixes, tunes and vocals. If I'm lucky time for a lazy breakfast out, while working on my laptop catching up on admin, listening to promos, checking out demos for my record label SAFARI MUSIC and then getting my set ready before I jump on a plane. I prepare the rest of the set while on the plane, best time to do that kind of thing!

TLL: We know you have traveled quite extensively around the world, so do you have a favourite destination spot?
MM: Brazil of course, because I'm an international to them. They get excited when I'm there and I feel amazingly appreciated.

TLL: What’s the best event that you have DJ’d at and why?
MM: Probably, playground festival in Belo Horizonte. There was about 7000 or more screaming people, and I ran between the crowd playing my keytar. Got to love wireless technology!

TLL: Have you ever had an unusual request from a fan?
MM: We get loads of unusual requests, the worst is when a drunk chick asks to take over djing!

TLL: Working with some big names in the music industry, have you ever been star struck?
MM: Initially you can be star struck, but then you realise they are just normal people like the rest of us, with hearts, lungs and occasionally a brain.

TLL: What’s the best piece of musical advice you have ever received?
MM: Tiesto said in a master class (pardon the pun) that Afrojack, one of the  biggest dj's in the world uses samples and loops. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, just make stuff that sounds good, it doesn’t matter where you get it from. The other statement, was “you need to stand out”. So I have been making a load of club tunes and have been trying my hardest to make fresh, new sounds and ideas. I take more risks now.

TLL: Have you ever produced anything you didn’t like or wished had never been released?
MM: I have produced a lot of music that will never see the light of day. Something that’s been released that’s been embarrassing? Maybe one or two, but the sound quality always makes up for it I hope!

TLL: Where do you get your inspiration from?
MM: Everywhere, from rock, 80s, funk, disco, house and many of the current big EDMs around the world.

TLL: What are some of your favourite tunes to get a party started?
It changes every gig, depending on the venue, people and country. At the moment, I open with “Calling” by Ingrosso and Alesso with my keytar played live.

TLL: Okay so doing what we do at The Laser Lounge, we have to ask you how do you stay healthy with such a busy lifestyle?
MM: I make sure I do the following:

1.    Sleep at least 8 hrs, when less, I make up for it the next night
2.    Take vitamins; Vit C, D, E and B complex. I avoid taking multivitamins
3.    Vit D must take over 5000 IU, it’s anti-aging, cardio and diabetes protective
4.    Keep the hell out of the direct sunlight
5.    Keep away from booze and smoke
6.    Exercise and get the heart rate up at least 3 times per week

TLL: Do you get time to take care of your skin?
MM: Yeah I use a HighVit C and Collagen product from “Como Compounding” in South Yarra. Night Cream and Day Cream everyday. My Day Cream contains SPF of course, to protect my skin from the harsh OZ sun!

TLL: Any grooming products you would recommend to our male followers?
MM: Clean lifestyle, face cream with SPF and I use Nair dry wax to get rid of unwanted annoying hair!
TLL: Mobin,
I think it's time we say goodbye to dry waxing and introduce you to our world of laser permanent hair reduction. :)

TLL:. What can you not leave the house without?
My vitamins, face cream and my bluetac (I use it as earplugs).

So there you have it, the man himself tells us as it is and what it's like to be an internationally renowned Producer/ DJ and he's not scared to share that he takes care of his health and skin too.
Laser Lounge Fans show Mobin Master some LOVE and hear him play at any of the following clubs this month;

08 Apr Invalock Hotel, Victoria
14 Apr Home, Sydney
20 AprVibe Bar, Cairns QLD
21 Apr Mean Fiddler, Rouse Hill, NSW




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