Mens Laser Hair Removal

With the most advanced laser hair reduction technology, we can successfully tailor your treatment to remove or reduce your unwanted hair.

Many guys opt for laser hair removal to have their unwanted hair appear more groomed OR to reduce ingrown's, shaving rashes, excessive body sweating and more...

We love hearing how much time we save our male clients, as they no longer have to shave and hearing how smooth their skin feels!


Guys if you’re concerned with unwanted body hair we strongly recommend laser hair removal treatments tailored for men at The Laser Lounge! Our skin and laser clinics specialize in male facial, upper and lower body laser hair removal treatments.

How? The Laser Lounge has over 20 years’ experience in laser hair removal and our accredited Skin and Laser Technicians are trained by renowned Industry Expert, Bita Beyzaee, who trains all team members to perform ‘best practice’ laser hair removal treatments for men. We believe all men should feel comfortable during hair removal treatments and amazing results are achievable immediately after the first session.

At The Laser Lounge we treat many guys for their full back and shoulders, chest and stomach, shoulders, arms, buttocks, face and neck (sculpting), ears, nose and in between eyebrows.

Some men also request manzilians to reduce ingrowns and/or underarms to reduce their unwanted body hair.

Common feedback we receive from our male clients is that we save them money and time! With less personal grooming to worry about, you can spend more time doing the things that you love... For example, the more time we save one of our favourite clients Adriano Zumbo, the more delicious desserts he can create for you all!


  • No more ingrown hairs!
  • Save time on maintenance
  • Reduce excessive sweating!
  • Improve hygiene
  • Confidence booster
  • Beach ready all year round!

If you’re a fan of maintaining some finer body hair, laser hair removal treatments for men can also be tailored to achieve a clean yet more groomed masculine appearance. Alternatively, we can also laser the area to appear hair free and completely smooth.

We do not have any preference, and will treat you to achieve your individual desired look.

We advise shaving before your appointment, however for areas where the hair is fine, we require to see the hair to ensure the best result is achieved and stimulation of fine hair does not occur. Treatment intervals are a guide only, and intervals may be spread out further based on your personal response to treatment. Your Skin and Laser Technician will guide your throughout your treatment course to ensure you achieve the best results and value for money!

We have successfully treated thousands of male clients across Australia! Our clients love that we use the best laser hair removal technology, including the Candela GentleLASE, GentleYAG and Vectus Diode Laser, and that our Skin and Laser Technicians are experienced and confident in using our premium medical grade lasers.

Laser technology is only as good as the operator. Our Skin and Laser Technicians are highly trained and accredited in dermal therapies. They are best equipped to treat any skin and hair type according to best practice. All our treatments are personalized and we pride ourselves on client service to ensure your experience is successful, comfortable and even fun!

We recommend avoid waxing and/or plucking hairs for one month prior to treatment. Shaving is the best option in lead up to a laser treatment. We also advise to avoid sun exposure, fake tans and solariums for one month prior. Where the hair is obviously thick and treatable, we will request you shave up to 24 hours before treatment.

For any fine hair, we will ask you to not shave the area for our assessment. We do take photos of the treated area, assess the skin, grid and remove any products off the skin before treatment. These confidential records enable us to track your progress.

We'd love to reduce your unwanted hair

Get in touch, so one of our friendly laser hair removal technicians can assist with your concerns...