Love and Laser Hair Removal

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Laser Hair Removal

We often hear in conversation that 'love is blind', however, in this day and age most partners are expressing what they like and dislike about one another a lot more clearly. Whether it be, 'I don't like that shirt', 'those shoes don't match', 'you need to exercise' or even 'you need to shave', we all seem to have an opinion and feel pretty confident to say what we think!

So what happens to those, who are perfectly preened and they meet someone well ... who isn't?? If you're that someone who falls into this category, does your partner appreciate that you're 'not letting yourself go'. If looking after yourself is important to you, should he/she go to some extra effort to ensure they satisfy your needs? After all, if you're making an effort to look and feel great, without being offensive it should be acceptable nowadays to express your opinion, and let your special someone know that you would like them to take care of them self a little better! Whether it may be getting a haircut, joining a gym, eating healthy, drinking less alcohol, avoiding smelly feet, taking care of their skin and/or getting laser hair removal done - telling the love of your life what your preferences are could be beneficial, rather than putting the shutters on and avoiding the conversation…

Take one of the most talked about couples, most affectionately known as "Kimye" (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West). We all know when it comes to beauty, Miss Kardashian is very well maintained, so it comes as no surprise that she would expect the same of her new man! Rather than going it alone, the gorgeous couple were spotted walking hand in hand into a Santa Monica Laser Clinic two days ago where apparently Kim recommended Kanye to join her on the laser hair removal band wagon and experience the benefits of laser hair removal! Apparently Kanye was extremely nervous and frightened of the pain factor, so we're happy to know they were holding hands as hand holding reduces stress and tension. After their duo treatments, Kimye were spotted walking out smiling and laughing, so as we've mentioned before, laser hair removal can't be that painful if you're walking out laughing - despite what many perceive in the beginning.

So come on guys and girls, what do you say about your next date night being a trip to your choice laser hair removal clinic? I mean why not, if you feel like your partner needs a little ahh 'maintenance' then maybe slip in a suggestion for date night to be a trip to The Laser Lounge! You won't be the first couple, and certainly not the last!

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Live, Laugh, Love Laser!!

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