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Did you know the only difference between Mickey and Minnie Mouse was eyelash extensions? In the 1960’s, Walt Disney even proved that luscious long eyelashes were the key to feminie beauty... We discovered this and more from the ladies at Lash Me currently located at QLD’s New Farm, North Lakes and Paddington. Lash Me are also excited to announce their newest Lash Bar NOW OPEN in Melbourne’s St Kilda!

We talk to Lash Me Founder and Expert Katrina, for all your eyelash extension needs! Did you know that The Laser Lounge Paddington has a Lash Me Bar located right next door? Lucky us! Brisbanian's you should check it out for all your lash-elicious needs!

TLL: What inspired the Lash Me concept?

LM:   The founder of LASH ME, originally from Brisbane returned home from eight  years living in Sydney to find that there was no one doing quality eyelash extensions in the Brisbane market.  So as luck (a word she may not have used at the time) would have it, she was made redundant during the GFC and decided to give extensions a try.


TLL: What makes Lash Me stand out from the rest?

LM:   We’re specialists, our technicians are highly trained and experienced, we stock the best quality products available and put our clients natural lash first at all times.


TLL: What is Lash Me’s most popular service?

LM:   Mink fur eyelash extensions, by far.


TLL: How long do Eyelash Extensions last? Any tips to make them last as long as possible?

LM:   Eyelash Extension will look their best for the first couple of weeks, will last up to five weeks and can be maintained by having them refilled every 3 weeks.  It is of utmost importance that lashes remain dry or the 24 hours after the application and unaffected by oil and excessive heat/steam for the life of the lashes.


TLL: How often can a client have Eyelash Extensions applied and how long does it take?

LM:   Clients can expect to spend an hour and a quarter, usually snoozing away on our treatment bed for their initial appointment and then 45 minutes for refills, which you would have done every three weeks.


TLL: Which celebrity has the most beautiful eyes/ eyelashes?

LM:   I know she gets  a lot of bad press, but Kim Kardashian with her gorgeous big Armenian eyes has to be top of my list.


TLL: If you already have long eyelashes, but want a WOW factor, what would Lash Me recommend?

LM:    We can apply semi permanent mascara to accentuate your natural lashes, but if you’re blessed with gorgeous long lashes, make the most of them… they fade with age and we’ll see you then. 😉


TLL:What do you think of Laser Lounge Director Gita Coorey’s 7 month old baby girls eyelashes? Cuuuute!


Woops, my bad, I thought we were just comparing cute children, this is my 9 month old Boston 😉


TLL: Do guys get Eyelash Extensions?

LM:   We  have had a few male clients, particularly in our St Kilda store where we have notice a number of Drag Queens and cross dressers booking in, but as most girls know, men seem to have been blessed with better eyelashes than us for the most part anyway.


TLL: Have you ever had any unusual eyelash extension requests?

LM:   It’s not so much the requests as the challenges we’re presented with from client to client… no one person has the same lashes and nothing surprised me anymore.


TLL: Is Lash Me going to be introducing anything NEW soon? How do you stay ahead of trends?

LM:   We have a couple of very exciting new products/services being introduced in the next couple of months, so we look forward to sharing them soon.


TLL: What words of advice would you give a person looking to have eyelash extensions?

LM:   Do your research, find a technician/salon you’re comfortable with.  One that you have been referred to by friends/family/colleagues and do not trust your precious eyes to someone who may or may not be qualified to be that close to your peepers with sharp tools and medical grade adhesives.


TLL: I’m sure your clients having gorgeous eyelash’s, is just as important to you as our clients having GREAT skin is to us!  Would you agree that if you have beautiful skin (using the right skin care of course) along with Lash Me eyelash extensions then really all you would need is a touch of make up to start your day? How much time would this save getting ready in the morning?

LM:  Our clients (particularly those referred by The Laser Lounge) often brag about only having to sweep some bronzer across their cheeks and lipgloss on their lips and they’re out the door… I can’t think of a better time saving device than flawless skin paired with amazing lashes!


Well... This works well with our motto “now you can afford to lounge about”! Who wouldn’t want to lounge about in the morning rather than rushing around...


There you have it ladies and gents, Lash Me Expert Katrina tells it as it is!  For any further queries and/or bookings, please contact Lash Me on 1300 527 463

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