Ladies Laser Hair Removal

As Skin and Laser Technicians we understand what it’s like to have unwanted body hair!

We also appreciate how much laser hair removal treatments save us in beauty maintenance, time and money!

Whether you’re a student, professional or stay at home mum, laser hair removal treatments should be on every woman’s to do list as the ‘must have’ beauty treatment!

Especially with us, The Laser Lounge!

If you can handle waxing, laser hair removal will be a breeze! Treatments are a lot faster and you’ll feel a slight flicking sensation at each laser pulse.

If you have a low pain threshold let your Skin and Laser Technician know as we have experienced tips we can share with you to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible during treatment.

Numbing cream can be applied if requested.

A small minority of our clients request numbing cream so generally treatments are perceived as comfortable.

The Laser Lounge came to fruition with renowned laser industry experts wanting to create a boutique skin, laser and cosmetic experience for all her clients across Australia. As devoted Skin and Laser Technicians, we are focused on providing you a full tailored service experience in line with industry best practice. This means, we will always do what is right by you in accordance with clinical guidelines.

Our female clients will vouch when we say they achieve better results and value for money with us in the long run! All laser hair removal treatments include a professional assessment by our experienced and accredited Skin and Laser Technicians as well as thorough treatments, guidance and care throughout your entire treatment course. The Laser Lounge is regularly featured as experts in laser hair removal in journal articles, magazines, conferences and events.

We’ve successfully treated thousands of ladies across Australia. We’re known for our attention to detail and use only the best medical grade laser technology available. As experts in laser hair removal, we alternate between lasers depending on your skin and hair type as well as your personal response to treatments.

Our clinics currently have Candela GentleLASE, GentleYAG and the Palomar Vectus Diode Laser. We believe a laser is only as good and effective as its operator. Our Skin and Laser Technicians are highly trained and accredited in dermal therapies. They are best equipped to treat any skin and hair type according to best practice. All our treatments are personalised and we pride ourselves on client service to ensure your experience is successful, comfortable and even fun!

We regularly treat ladies upper lip and chin hair, underarms, nipples, arms, brazilian and legs. We treat hormonal hair delicately and take our time to ensure you’re satisfied with the result.

We advise shaving the ares before treatment, however, for areas where the hair is fine such as the face, nipples and/or stomach we’d request to see the hair before treating to ensure the best result is achieved and stimulation of fine hair does not occur.

Treatment intervals are a guide only, and intervals may be spread out further based on your personal response to treatment.

Your Skin and Laser Technician will guide your throughout your treatment course to ensure you achieve the best results and value for money!

We recommend avoid waxing and/or plucking hairs for one month prior to treatment. Shaving is the best option in lead up to a laser treatment. We also advise to avoid sun exposure, fake tans and solariums for one month prior.

Where the hair is obviously thick and treatable, we will request you shave up to 24 hours before treatment.For any fine hair, we will ask you to not shave the area for our assessment.

We do take photos of the treated area, assess the skin, grid and remove any products off the skin before treatment. These confidential records enable us to track your progress.

If you’re planning to fall pregnant please advise our Skin and Laser Technicians. We have a duty of care to you, and your safety is our priority.

We'd love to reduce your unwanted hair

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