Just what your skin needs… Vitamin A!

If you are experiencing our fantastic dermal therapy services such as our Chemical Peels, Clinical Microdermabrasion and Clinical Skin Needling, then you have taken the very important first step to more youthful, healthier and brilliant skin! What is equally as important as a great treatment - is how you look after your skin when at home. If you speak to any one of our lovely Skin and Laser Technicians, they will all tell you how important it is to use your cosmeceutical skin care in conjunction with corrective skin treatments. So this is the first instalment in our upcoming blogs regarding skin care… the importance of Vitamin A!!!

How does Vitamin A Work?

Vitamin A works by normalising skin functions, in turn correcting a range of skin conditions. Vitamin A also thickens and stimulates the Dermis – where your collagen, elastin and blood vessels are – this reduces wrinkles and increases blood flow to the surface of the skin.

Why Should You Use Vitamin A?

  • To reduce redness and the symptoms of Rosacea
  • To exfoliate, and create an even skin texture
  • To repair the cellular structure in your skin
  • To treat Acne

We have a wide range of paramedical and cosmeceutical skin care products available at The Laser Lounge, with a Vitamin A product in each range to suit many unique skin types! For further information, or to speak to one of our Skin and Laser Technicians, please Click Here !

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