Jessica Alba targets stubborn fat with I-Lipo!

Jessica Alba Targets Stubborn Fat With I-Lipo!

With the wide range of surgical and non-surgical liposuction procedures available, The Laser Lounge are so excited to hear that the gorgeous Miss Jessica Alba recently tried our favourite Laser Fat and Cellulite Reduction treatment…


Even though Jess is known for her killer body, after having two gorgeous little girls, she has recently become concerned with the stubborn fat around her stomach area that she hasn’t been able to shed with diet and exercise alone. Recently she was spotted at the Park Medical Spa in Santa Monica, California, where a source says she received the new I-Lipo laser treatment.

It was reported on as well as that “Jessica had [an] I-Lipo treatment, which is a far less invasive way of melting unwanted pockets of fat. She looks absolutely amazing already and really doesn’t need any help at all but she said she still feels self-conscious about the stubborn fat that she can’t get rid of with exercise alone, so this is the ideal way of blasting them”.

What The Laser Lounge loves about Laser Fat and Cellulite Reduction is that it stands out from other forms of non-surgical liposuction; this is because it is safe, non-invasive, comfortable and affordable. The use of needles is non-existent and clients experience zero downtime. Our very own Bita Beyzaee, Co-Founder and Head of Client Services at The Laser Lounge commented on the laser technology service:

“I-Lipo can be used on all skin types and body areas. Together with a healthy diet and exercise, clients will see immediate and long lasting results. Just goes to show that even the stars are impressed with this new Laser Fat and Cellulite Reduction treatment… and the most exciting part is that we can offer this treatment at affordable prices. As always… you can afford to lounge about!” says Ms. Beyzaee. 

Jessica Alba

I-Lipo treatments are now available at The Laser Lounge Castle Hill, located in the Garden Piazza on Terminus Street. If you would like more information on Laser Fat and Cellulite Reduction, or want to book in for your first treatment, then please contact The Laser Lounge Castle Hill on (02) 9894 5665 or email! You can also visit our I-Lipo FAQ page on

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