Introducing the newest member to The Laser Lounge Family… Dominique!

We are very excited to introduce the newest member to The Laser Lounge family in West Lakes, SA… Dominique! It’s so important to us that you get to know our Skin and Laser Technician’s, understand their deep passion for the para-medical beauty industry and trust that they want the BEST treatment outcomes for you. So check out or QnA with Dominique, below!

What inspired you to work in the para-medical beauty industry?

I have been working in the beauty industry for several years now and I love everything about it. One of my ambitions was to work with skin, to learn why certain conditions can happen to the skin and why skin can be reactive? I was always looking for answers. I myself suffered with a skin condition called dermatitis & eczema (which many of you, I am sure, are well aware of). I suffered from this since I was a child along with my other family members. This is what drove me to learn more about the skin … & I have never looked back!!

The Para-medical beauty industry is much more advanced than just beauty… we go so much deeper. What paramedical technicians can do is honestly amazing! I love treating problematic skin - acne, rosacea, pigmentation & so many more. Changing the skins function, making the skin function optimally, seeing these results with my very own eyes is truly amazing and very rewarding as a technician.

What is your favourite treatment at The Laser Lounge?

This is a hard one... I love everything we offer. I have to toss-up between Laser Hair Reduction and the DMK Enzyme Skin Corrective Treatments. Both treatments are life changing, enhancing self-esteem, and just making people feel comfortable in their own skin. This is what my job is all about!

What are your top beauty tips for Spring?

Firstly, DMK Enzyme Therapy - getting my skin ready for the busiest season of the year SUMMER. I will be using my DMK homecare products every day & night. As well as doing a mini enzyme treatment at home called foamy lift & exoderma peel once a week to maintain my skins healthy glow. And of course, staying hydrated making sure I am flushing all the toxins away. Very important!

What is your favourite thing about working at The Laser Lounge?

The Laser Lounge has so much to offer as a team… Everyone brings something different to the table. Having such a great support system, working with some of the most passionate people I know. The Laser Lounge is always providing on-going training & support therefore we are learning new things every day. We have the most up-to-date technology, always keeping up with what is new on the market. To sum up Gita & Bita have a great thing happening here at The Laser Lounge. I am very proud & extremely honoured to be working as a part of the West Lakes team.

What does Live, Laugh, Love, Laser mean to you?

All the good things in life can be found in Laser!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Still working at ‘The Laser Lounge’ or even owning my very own Laser Lounge Clinic.. fingers crossed!!

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