Introducing Our Newest Team Member Dr. Erfan Rahbar…

What/ Where did you study?
I completed my Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at the University of Adelaide before pursuing my passion into cosmetic medicine.

What inspired you to specialise in cosmetic enhancement treatments?

I found that over time not only did I enjoy treating clients but I felt very satisfied when clients were happy with their appearance. It feels great to offer confidence!

What keeps you motivated at work?
Happy Clients! I'm a perfectionist with everything that I do and I always aim for the best result. If my client is not happy, I'm not happy.  Also, working with an enthusiastic and professional team always makes the day more enjoyable.

Who would you say has the perfect face?
Of course the only perfect face in this world is my wife Daniella, however, unique features and great skin on any face can make a person appear more beautiful. From a male perspective, the perfect personality can also contribute to the so called ‘perfect face’, that being said having luscious lips and beautiful eyes will never do any harm.

Have you treated any celebrities?
Aren’t all celebrities 100% naturally beautiful? Unless the client is happy to openly discuss what they have done, I would never tell.

What are your thoughts on celebrity cosmetic surgery like Heidi Montag, Joan Rivers, etc?
I think it’s important to really think about what cosmetic enhancements you really want compared to what you may need. You want to enhance your features, but still have a natural look that doesn’t scream “face lift”. You want to still look like yourself, just more attractive.

What are most clients’ biggest fears when it comes to cosmetic enhancements?
“I won’t look natural” I'm very delicate with my treatments, never treating too much in one sitting. If a new client wants several different treatments, I'll plan it over a few sessions, achieving a more natural look.

When do you believe a person should consider cosmetic enhancements?
Anyone can want to enhance their features.  A good time to consider is when you start to notice a less youthful look, loss of plumpness in the lips, along with increased appearing lines or folds on the face. Prevention is also something to think about. If you feel there is anything that could be improved with cosmetic enhancements, it’s worth having a consult to become more informed of your options as each person differs.

What treatments do you find to be the most successful?
Dermal fillers have the quickest results, with 90% of the filling happening immediately.

Lip treatments in particular are my favourite. There is an immediate result and they always look great. Anti-wrinkle injections are also very successful, but it takes about 2 weeks to see a noticeable difference.

Do men have cosmetic treatments?
Quite a few men undergo cosmetic enhancements. We may not say it out loud, but we do like to maintain a youthful face just as much as women. Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are very popular amongst men. Most people find this surprising, but men also have lip enhancements too. Though not to achieve the luscious look that women want, rather to achieve a balanced, youthful level of fullness.

What is the best way to recommend cosmetic enhancement treatments to friends or family without offending the other person?
This can be difficult. Try to be as tactful as possible. Only recommend treatment for something the person is unhappy with. Try mentioning some treatment that you yourself or someone you know has had and how much of an improvement it has been. However, if someone is happy with the way that they look what more could you want?

Have you and would you treat yourself?
I still haven’t outgrown my so called ‘baby face’ but when the lines start to appear and I lose the fullness in my face, I would consider cosmetic enhancements.

Besides cosmetic enhancements, what else would you recommend clients to do for a beauty lift?
Taking time out each day to maintain healthy skin. Invest in a skin care range that really does what it promises and visit your preferred clinic for a skin rejuvenation treatment when recommended. Laser hair removal is also a growing trend. Who doesn’t want to have smooth skin?  In this day and age, we all work very hard to pay off the mortgage, pay education fees, work out and eat well,  why not reward yourself and do all these things with confidence each day.

What are 3 of your best tips for looking and feeling younger?
1. Eat a healthy, balanced diet, with lots of water whilst avoiding excessive sun, smoking or alcohol.
2. Exercise and maintain a healthy body shape
3. Take time out to treat yourself, whether it be a movie, dinner, holiday or skin treatment.

For further information please feel free to email Dr. Rahbar on

Call 02 8922 8190
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Dr Rahbar with wife, Daniela  (whom are expecting their first baby in March 2011).

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