How The Laser Lounge can give you back your Pregnancy Glow!

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We all know that one of the GREAT side effects of being a mum-to-be is fresh, glowing and dewy skin! But in some cases, expecting mum’s can experience skin concerns during pregnancy such as dark patches of skin, stretch marks and uneven skin texture. Although you may have had to resist treating your skin during pregnancy (this is normally a contraindication to most skin treatments), The Laser Lounge is here to pamper our new mummies with our corrective skin treatments! After all, the last 9 months have been long, painful and let’s face it… not so pretty.

Just today, we received a lovely Facebook Testimonial from one of our clients who is a new mum and travelled all the way from the central coast to visit us for a Skin Treatment:

A big Thank you to Bita and one of the students (Wendy) who performed my Microdermabrasion yesterday at the training college... My skin looks and feels amazing! Great way to help make a new mummy feel like she's getting her pre baby glow back! Lol can't wait for my next treatment in July! Xx”

RP, Central Coast

So leave bub in the caring hands of nanna, pop or hubby and pop into The Laser Lounge for some ‘me-time’

Change in Pigmentation:

This is a common side effect for expecting mum’s! The change in pigmentation on your face is called Chloasma or Melasma. They are caused by high levels of pregnancy hormones in your body and may also run in the family, depending on your background and skin type.

How to treat it? Clinic Microdermabrasion! 

Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks are one of the more embarrassing side effects of gaining weight during your pregnancy. At first, stretch marks appear pink, reddish brown or purple in colour, the pigmentation eventually fades and these turn into white stretch marks.

How to treat it? Clinic Skin Needling!

Uneven Skin Texture:

The stress, hormonal changes and tiredness that come with being a new mum can take its toll on your skin. You may have had clear and beautiful skin before and during the pregnancy, but break out in spots a month or so after childbirth.

How to treat it? DMK Enzyme Corrective Skin Treatment!

So no matter what your skin concern may be, to all our new mum’s out there, we are passionate about making you feel special and spoiled whilst also treating the nitty gritty skin concerns that come along with being a parent. For further information on any of the treatments listed, please call The Laser Lounge on 1300 963 962 or email!

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