How do you FACE the World?

Kim Kardashian has her ‘glam squad’, the Jersey Shore girls have fake lashes and tan down pat and we haven’t seen Christina Aguilera looking natural since her ‘genie in a bottle’ days.  So in an age where more and more celebrities choose to take glam to a whole new level, it comes as no surprise that when Lady Gaga tweeted a bare face pic of herself it had the ’twitterverse’ in a stir! Most people would agree that she looks better without the wacky makeup, hair and wardrobe!

On 2dayFM Kyle and Jackie O also brought up this bare faced issue; challenging three ladies and Jackie O herself to go makeup free for all to see! When looking at their faces, they all appear beautiful either way.So it got us here at The Laser Lounge thinking … If we do look good without makeup, why do we feel a need to put it on?

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Image courtesy of Two women in the US have almost completed a 60 day challenge called the Naked Face Project,where they vowed to give up make up, shaving their legs and underarms, dying their hair and wearing feminie clothing to “promote a message of inner beauty, empowerment, and self-confidence”. The ladies aim to inspire younger generations and teach them that make up isn’t necessary to feel beautiful.
Food for thought - if we all stop wearing make up and shaving our legs, where do we draw the line? Will men stop shaving their beards and wearing deodorant etc? At The Laser Lounge we believe that a “happy medium” is the way to go! Makeup when tastefully applied can be beneficial for the skin; for example Eles Mineral Foundation includes SPF Sun Protection and Vitamin A, C & E which all contain healing and beneficial properties for the skin.  Not to mention, make up can also assist in aiding the skin from free radical damage.

So what do you think? Do you prefer being a fresh faced beauty or is make up more your thing? Would you ever be prepared to go without makeup for any length of time?

How do you FACE the world?



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