Hands are the new face – Dermal Hand Fillers!!!

In life, we all seem to be chasing a few of the same things… a passion-filled career with stable income, true love, the perfect home, the little black dress that hides ALL of our wobbly bits and of course, the fountain of eternal youth. Well, with so many advancing technologies and treatments, the latter is quickly becoming quite achievable! Whether we are typing away on our computers or texting on our smart phones, the hands have now become the new focal point. This calls for just as much attention as your face, which is having a huge influence on clients seeking treatments to rejuvenate not only their face and neck but also the appearance of their hands!

This is where The Laser Lounge did some research and found that the new craze in Hollywood is dermal fillers in the hands! We have all heard of the odd filler treatment in the lips, cheeks, nasalabial folds and tear troughs… but did you know at The Laser Lounge, we too perform Hand Filler treatments? Celebrities such as Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker are great examples of women who have treated skin concerns on their face, but can’t hide their age on their hands!


Ageing of the hands is mainly characterised by loss if elasticity in the skin as well as the weakening of subcutaneous tissue. This is why our veins, tendons and bony structures become more apparent with age. Therefore, the best way to treat this is to increase the volume in the skin! This can be achieved with dermal fillers. We can also treat sunspots, pigmentation and uneven skin texture on the hands with our advanced IPL technologies. Overall, the best way to rejuvenate your hands is to combine these treatments!

For further information on hand rejuvenation including Dermal Fillers and IPL Skin Rejuvenation at The Laser Lounge, please call 1300 963 962 or email info@thelaserlounge.com.au!

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