Getting to know… Linda from Castle Hill!

It is so important that you get to know your Skin and Laser Technician, trust them and understand their background and experience. We are always telling clients to do their research! 😉 So today, we are getting to know... Linda from Castle Hill!

Where did you study/why did you study?

Originally Australian College of Natural Therapies then I upgraded my qualification with the Australian Academy of Beauty and Spa Therapy. Trainer and Assessor qualification through the Macquarie Community College.

Why is education in the paramedical beauty field so important to you?

Education is so important, in particular doing dermal treatments, as you need to have the underpinning knowledge of the skin and the science behind the treatments. If you are not correctly trained to do these treatments you will not achieve the desired results for your client. And the industry is constantly evolving with better technology and improved treatments, so you are forever learning and updating your qualifications.

You have a background in training in Beauty Therapy (AABST); tell us what you love about teaching?

I love teaching because I know what it feels like to help your clients achieve their skin goals, and knowing that I am helping other technicians to gain the skills to do this makes me feel really good.

How do you feel you have grown since joining The Laser Lounge family?

Returning into the clinic environment has reminded me what it feels like to be achieving goals with the clients and building a clientele. It also makes me realise how important it is to have really high standards with all practices.

How do you teach your kids to look after their skin? Any tips for Mums out there that are trying to teach their kids good skin care?Being that my kiddies are 6 and 18 months, it's all about sun protection. Outside play involves wearing a hat and applying sunscreen. We did this from the start and it's routine for them. They sit still the most when it's sunscreen time... and they remind me to put my hat on!!

If you're interested in booking in a treatment with the lovely Linda, please call our Castle Hill boutique clinic on 9894 5665 or email!

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