Getting to know… Esther in Morningside!

What triggered your interest in the para-medical beauty industry?

I love delivering results driven treatments!

You have been named the “Eyebrow Queen!”… What is your top tip when it comes to shaping and sculpting eyebrows?

I find a combination of waxing, tweezing and tinting is needed to get the perfect shape!

What is your favourite treatment to perform/receive?

I love performing laser and I love having laser done! I used to have really thick hair but now the regrowth is so minimal, soft and slow growing so I only have to do treatments once every 6 months :) Oh also, I really loved getting the anti-wrinkle injectables done - the results are amazing!!!

How do you feel you have grown since joining The Laser Lounge family?

Working at the Laser Lounge has opened me up to the wonderful world of Cosmetic Treatments!

What is your advice to those seeking a career in the paramedical beauty industry?

I always think gaining some experience, as a Beauty Therapist is important first and trying to work at a Beauty Salon that performs more advanced treatments such as Skin Peels, Microdermabrasion and IPL to get your foot in the door! :)


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