Getting to know Emily in West Lakes!

What triggered your interest in the para-medical beauty industry?

Results! I started in the beauty industry in 2001, after a few years of working in beauty salons I wanted to be able to offer more than just quick temporary fixes or a relaxing service but REAL results that could change how people really felt about themselves, and the para-medical beauty industry does just that. It is amazing what we can achieve with technology these days. I have seen so many amazing cases, and I’d love to do the same with you!

What is your favourite treatment to perform/receive?

I know everyone says this but it really is so hard to choose just one!! The results with all our services are really amazing, but I’ve been told I have to choose just one... just one!

So if I could have only one treatment ever again and share it with you all it would be
SKIN NEEDLING! (It really isn’t as scary as it sounds). Your skin needs to be prepared and a good home care routine is mandatory for this kind of treatment, but if you follow my steps you will have amazing results. Fantastic for oil, open pores, redness, fine lines, all sorts of scarring, aging and the list goes on!

What are your top beauty tips for Spring/Summer?

  • Sunscreen; and lots of it!
  • A good skin care regime – not one product is going to give you a miracle, skin needs an ongoing maintenance plan that needs to start now.. Not when the damage is already done.
  • If you’re getting laser/IPL treatments – don’t feel as though you can’t have you’re your treatments done in summer months or that you need to change your lifestyle; a good laser technician should be able to organise your treatment plan to have treatments safely and to look your best for those important occasions.

You have been a part of The Laser Lounge family for almost 5 years now! What is it you love about working with the TLL team?

The Laser lounge team are like my second family; everyone is very supportive, friendly and genuinely caring. It’s a very happy place to spend my time creating results!

There is always room to grow with my career and take my skills to the next level.
I particularly love that The Laser Lounge is always striving to be bigger and better. We really are focused on continually educating our selves to be able to offer our clients the best and always pushing to raise the bar higher.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

The last time I was asked this for a blog my dreams were to become a manager…I have now been a manager for a number of years and have also moved from our Castle Hill clinic in NSW to our West Lakes clinic in SA to manage and grow our very first Adelaide clinic!

I can imagine in 10 years’ time there will be a number of exciting changes and I would still be growing with the Laser Lounge family and have my very own clinic… maybe even two by then!


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