Getting To Know… Dana in Castle Hill!

Time to get to know another one of our LOVELY Skin and Laser Technicians... Dana in Castle Hill! Dana is a much loved member of our Castle Hill team, and we are very excited to announce, is getting married this November! Check out why Dana LOVES the para-medical beauty industry, and what treatments she will be doing in the lead up to her big day.

How many years have you worked in the beauty/paramedical beauty industry?

I have been in the beauty/paramedical industry for 12 years now and loving every minute of it!

What is your favourite treatment and why?

I love our DMK enzyme corrective treatments as they can be customized to each and every skin concern; it also feels amazing with lasting results! I love when clients can physically see a change in their skin after just one treatment.

You are getting married in November (CONGRATS!). What Skin treatments will you be having in the lead up to your big day?

Thank you I am very excited! I will be doing a treatment course of Clinical Microdermabrasion to prepare my skin for the big day followed by a DMK Enzyme Treatment of course!

What is the best client feedback you have received in your time at The Laser Lounge?

Recently I have noticed that clients are showing their thanks more with their actions! I’ve had some of my good clients bring in gifts for my birthday, which is such a touching feeling, it shows the good relationship that we have built and motivates me to keep that going for each and every client :)

What is your advice to those seeking a career in the paramedical beauty industry?

Do your research on different training institutes, as you want to get the very best out of your education and courses. Never stop learning in all aspects of the industry… knowledge is power and will keep you up to date in this ever changing industry! Be friendly, smile, have fun and treat all your clients how you like to be treated when your having a new and personal treatment.

To book in a treatment with the beautiful Dana, please call Castle Hill on 9894 5665 or email!

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