Eye Raising Eye Brow Shaping

How often do you think about your eyebrows?  Did you know that eyebrows form an important role in shaping your face?   As all eyes vary in size and shapes, so do your eyebrows and they require expert shaping and sculpting to enhance the rest of your facial features.
But it's easy to make mistakes when you do it yourself. The most common mistake is over-tweezing into a thin, high, rounded eyebrow that gives your face a permanently surprised look. Arrrgh!

Another common mistake of "do-it-yourselfers" is creating an unflattering fish-hook shape where the thickest part of the brow gets much thinner abruptly. For people with thin, blonde eyebrows, it's easy to take too much off the sides so the brow seems to disappear.

Secrets To The Best Brows!

1. Avoid shaping your own eyebrows! It's too easy to ruin your whole look with a badly shaped brow. If you can't afford a monthly visit to an Eyebrow Specialist, it's best to just only clean up the strays that are well below your eyebrow.

2. Find an Eyebrow Specialist who sculptures eyebrows. A good Eyebrow Specialist will create a brow shape that is right for your face shape and the kind of eyebrow you have to work with - light, medium or full. You can also ask someone whose brows you admire, who shapes their brows.

3. Build a monthly visit to the Eyebrow Specialist into your beauty budget, just like haircuts, colour, manicures and pedicures. The cost is $25 for an eyebrow sculpture with an Eyebrow Specialist at The Laser Lounge which lasts about a month. That works out to be around 80 cents per day!!

4. Don't get your eyebrows waxed if you're using a product like Accutane or Retin-A. It can take off the outer layer of skin and you should advise your Eyebrow Specialist of this beforehand.

5. Check out products that can help thin brows look fuller. A brow definer to outline the shape, a brow filler to fill in bare spots, and a brow shaper that looks like clear mascara and holds the full, defined brow in place should keep you looking brow-licious!

“Eyebrows shape the face. Along with lips, your brows and lips are the most important in giving your face shape and definition.”

So why not consider booking in for a Brow sculpture with one of our experienced Eye Brow Specialists.

With over 14 years experience The Laser Lounge Team are sure to make your brows the

perfect frame for your face.

Call 1300 963 962 and book today!

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