Holy Smoke! The effects of Smoking on your Skin…

Combining over 14 years experience whilst treating hundreds of skin concerns, I know one thing for sure, whether you’re a heavy smoker or just a 'social smoker' (one who enjoys the odd cigarette occasionally whilst mingling) that apart from our gorgeous yet lethal aussie sun, smoking cigarettes can age you faster than anything else!

Putting aside the other health risk complications related to smoking (that's a whole other blog), if you care about your appearance, especially despising wrinkles and want to look younger for longer, then smoking is definitely a habit to beat and ultimately avoid!

Smoking speeds up the skin's aging process by promoting free radicals in the body, which are highly unstable powerful molecules that may cause disease and damage to your cell DNA. Consequently, the cells of your body start to behave erratically, producing a range of responses that make your skin age faster (who wants that!).

Not to mention, smoking restricts blood flow through your capillaries, preventing oxygen and nutrients from getting to the skin, increases production of an enzyme that breaks down the supply of collagen to the skin’s structure, reduces the body’s store of Vitamin A which provides protection from skin damage and healthy cell reproduction, along with reducing the absorption of Vitamin C which is essential for stabilising collagen synthesis within the skin!

What can I do now if I'm wanting to reverse the adverse effects of smoking on my skin?

Answer: Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Skin Rejuvenation @ The Laser Lounge!

The Laser Lounge recommend their medical grade IPL Skin Rejuvenation treatments to not only stimulate the fibroblast cells deep in the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin (which are responsible for producing collagen synthesis, giving your skin a firmer and plumper look), but also helps target specific structures in the skin associated with premature aging and smoking like broken capillaries, pigmentation and a dull complexion!

If you're ready to reward yourself and get your skin back into shape, contact our friendly Laser Lounge Skin and Laser Specialists today for a complimentary skin analysis on 1300 963 962.

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