Does Chocolate Give You Pimples?

Does Chocolate Give You Pimples?

The Easter Bunny has been and gone, and if you haven’t been eating chocolate already then luckily now all Easter chocolate is on SALE!!! But do we need to feel guilty or even worse have to avoid chocolate to protect our skin from the dreaded breakouts?? Well some good news on that front.... Skin Experts are now agreeing that chocolate isn’t a major cause of breakouts and/or even a contributing factor to Acne! Yipee!

Major contributing factors causing break outs are attributed to hormonal changes or a build-up of dead skin cells and excess oil in the skin which clog up pores. Fortunately, these reasons for breaking out are not heavily influenced by the foods we eat.

In saying this, it’s best to be smart about what you bite into... It’s a well-known fact that Dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants that help maintain the skin. Even better, dark chocolate with almonds is not only delicious but the almonds contain Vitamin E and Magnesium which help repair skin cells. See, no need to feel guilty...

So now that the Easter Bunny has hopped on by, don’t feel that Easter is the only time of year that you can indulge in a little treat. At The Laser Lounge, we do believe in “moderation” though, so just remember this blog doesn’t mean we recommend only eating chocolate 24/7 for great skin. Infact, the more nutritious the diet, the healthier the skin will be.

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