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Post DMK Skin Corrective Treatment

Okay so we know you have all heard and read about our amazing paramedical skin care range DMK! Well, for the skeptics out there who think they’ve tried everything and still aren’t satisfied with their treatment results and skin care etc, we’ve gone one step further and are revealing real images on treated clients and team members to prove we are the skin experts and practice what we preach!

Just have a look at our very own Emily’s post DMK enzyme treatment image above! Are you wondering why she doesn’t appear all fluffed up and instead has a face full of red veins???

Well at The Laser Lounge this is what we LIKE and WANT to see!

Red facial veins appearing post treatment is what we love to call “The Plasmatic Effect". This result post treatment is TRULY unbelievable as it is an indication of fresh oxygenated blood pumping through the skin to feed skin cells all the nutrients they need to thrive on. It is also an indication of healthy skin blood flow, and therefore, you can expect a faster improvement result. Don't be afraid though, it only hangs around for approx. 20mins and can be easily covered with makeup. But why would you want to hide FABULOUS skin? Ha!

Did you know that most skin products used during facials will commonly only work topically on the surface of the skin, whereas ‘paramedical’ corrective skin treatments work to revise the functioning of the skin by regulating any imperfections on the skin, and instigating overall better skin functioning. That’s right, paramedical corrective skin treatments don’t just focus on your skin condition, they aim to encourage your skin to work at its full capacity.

If you think of the skin as a factory – working too slow (ageing) or too fast (acne) then DMK will address the underlying issues with the aim of encouraging the factory to work at its’ best at all levels.
You will see optimal results right from the first few treatments - but remember home skin care is essential to keep up your skin’s performance!!

Find out why TV personalities and models - people whose livelihoods depend on their appearance are all using DMK!!!!

So what are you waiting for?

Join the DMK skin success stories and book in for your FREE Skin Analysis at The Laser Lounge TODAY!


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