Cheek Fillers

Ageing is an inevitable process and while we cannot stop the clock, we can help you inject a little bit of youthfulness back into your skin.

As the body ages and our muscles weaken, our cheeks lose that once natural volume and lift. Our cheekbones are no longer defined and we begin to form hollows that once had bounce.

Cheek fillers can help fill those hollows, improve facial contour and rejuvenate your skin.

At The Laser Lounge, our cheek fillers are formulated using a non-permanent gel made of hyaluronic acid. These safe, injectable treatments are administered by our experienced, qualified nurses and doctors to help restore volume and aid in softening lines and wrinkles on the face.

We inject in the cheek to enhance contour and definition. Volume is naturally increased and the overall look of your face is rejuvenated and fine lines are softened.

The overall look of this medical enhancement procedure typically lasts 6 months with best results seen when combined with other modalities.

Once the product formulation has been metabolised within the body, your cheeks will return to standard pre-treatment levels. In order to upkeep the look of defined cheeks, maintenance treatments will be required.

You will notice full results immediately post treatment. You will walk out of The Laser Lounge with fuller cheeks and youthful looking skin!

Depending on your skin, areas being treated and the product being used treatment prices will vary. For example, products vary in price from $300 per mil to $800 per mil and packages are offered and discussed during your consultation.

Our team of expert Cosmetic Injectors will tailor a treatment plan to suit your skin condition ensuring long term successful results.

If you have a time frame and budget in mind, it is best to advise your Cosmetic Injector so a plan considering your lifestyle and budget can be taken into consideration.

We use an array of cheek filler products and during consultation will explain the benefits of each product for you to make an informed decision.


The Laser Lounge is proud to offer valued clients a team of highly trained medical practitioners across Australia. For all your medical aesthetic and cosmetic needs our cosmetic injectors are well respected and recognised throughout the industry nationwide. We regularly attend industry training events and conferences. This ensures our treatments and techniques remain at the forefront of the cosmetic industry. The Laser Lounge Medical Director, Dr. Amit Kapur, works directly with our accredited Cosmetic Nurse Injectors. He has been featured in countless magazines, television news features and is regularly presenting at industry conferences.

Our team trains Doctors and Nurses ‘cosmetic injectable treatments’ at our National Training Academy facilities.  Our cosmetic team offer all cosmetic clients a complimentary skin consultation. For best advice, we welcome you to book in and meet with our cosmetic team to discuss your overall skin concerns.

Book in a cosmetic consultation at your choice clinic destination. This will allow our team of medical practitioners to assess your skin, medical information and lifestyle thoroughly. Once this is completed, we will begin your treatment journey to healthy and refreshed skin!

Please note, our experienced and professional team of medical practitioners are highly trained to treat volume loss. We are accredited and qualified in using all anti-wrinkle and dermal filler products. We perform advanced cosmetic injectable treatments nationwide.

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