Charli Robinson raves about The Laser Lounge on SeaFM!

The Laser Lounge team were extremely excited to receive a visit from Radio Talk Show Host and TV Personality, Charli Robinson, in recent weeks. Being in the spotlight, means Charli has to keep on top of her skin care and beauty regime, so she popped into our Paddington boutique clinic to try a Skin Rejuvenation treatment by our qualified Skin and Laser Technicians!

Charli, who took to her Gold Coast radio show SeaFM, to discuss her Laser Lounge experience, had some great client insights and feedback to share… you can hear what she had to say here!

Upon her visit, Charli was surprised to see men popping in and out of the clinics, and quickly learned that a large part of The Laser Lounge clientele base is actually young men between the ages of 20 to 35.  These men are not just your stereotype white collar professionals, but infact most male clients work in labouring trades and/ or in the mines and are mostly concerned with skin rejuvenation, anti-ageing and corrective skin care.

Did you know?

Our male clients voice a wide range of skin concerns including unwanted hair, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries, acne and acne scarring.

Co-Founder and Head of Client Services of The Laser Lounge, Bita Beyzaee says:

“I have noticed an increase in male clients. Men are now becoming conscious of their appearance, and are realising that a small effort can make them feel a lot better about themselves whilst preventing irreversible skin conditions.

Some men can feel self-conscious and/or embarrassed about treating their skin concerns and we understand this at The Laser Lounge, which is why our clinic is designed to be gender friendly and our team are super friendly and professional (of course!) – so this awkwardness is not long lasted!

It was an absolute pleasure to meet and treat Charli and answer all of her questions regarding professional dermal treatments! For further information regarding The Laser Lounge and our services, please call 1300 963 962 or email!


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