Broken Capillaries

Broken capillaries are small reddish – purple veins that appear like red thread on the face. Most commonly found on the nose, chin and cheeks, both men and women can suffer from this embarrassing condition that is best to be treated by non-invasive laser therapies.

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Broken Capillaries and Rosacea
 Broken Capillaries and Rosacea
 Broken Capillaries and Rosacea
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Broken capillaries are treated most commonly on the nose, chin and cheeks.


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“I can confidently leave the house tomorrow”

“A special thank you to you and all the staff at laser lounge for your kind, warm and professional service. Bita I’m so impressed with the quick and wonderful results todays treatment has made for me. The broken capillaries around the nose area have almost vanished. There is no pain what so ever, no swelling or any after effects which is fantastic. I haven’t stopped talking about how lovely you girls are to my husband and friends. Actually i think my husband would now like to have laser hair removal done. I cant thank you enough. I truly appreciated your kind services today, and ill definitley be back soon for some final touch ups around the same area. I can confidently leave the house tomorrow without covering my nose with makeup. Its amazing how much the redness has vanished. Once again Bita, thank you so much for looking after me today, your kindness has left a great impression. Ill see you soon.

Kind Regards Your Loyal Client”

NA, Kellyville Ridge

“This is the perfect clinic”

“I love this place! I get my laser and skin treated here and I’m so happy. The service is great, and I love their products and make up. This is the perfect clinic. I’ve recommended all my friends and family to go to the laser lounge and we all talk about how much we love it there and how happy we are with the results. Thank you for making such a difference in my life. I look forward to seeing you guys each time as I know you truly care. You’re totally worth the travel.”

PN, Kogarah


How do Broken Capillary treatment’s work?

Our Laser/ IPL technologies specifically target dilated blood vessels to enforce them to be absorbed by the skin. Due to the nature of this skin condition, occasional maintenance treatments will be required to control the vessels from returning to the surface.

Are Broken Capillary treatments permanent?

Broken Capillary treatments are very effective; however occasional maintenance treatments may be required to keep the concern under control. Our para-medical DMK corrective skin care offers a range of products suitable for Broken Capillaries, complimenting Laser/ IPL therapies.

How will I look in between my Broken Capillary treatments?

The skin may appear slightly swollen and/or red. This is very normal and will disappear shortly after. Some broken capillaries may disappear immediately, where as others may become more prominent initially and then eventually will dissolve into the skin during the treatment course.

Are there any post Broken Capillary treatment restrictions?

Your Skin and Laser Technician will advise you post treatment care instructions during your treatment, but in most cases, once the redness has calmed down you are able to resume with your normal activities. With Broken Capillary treatments, the use of ice packs should be avoided, as this will increase the chance of blood capillaries resurfacing to the skin. You may opt to consistently wash the treated area with cool water and place the treated area in front of a fan and/ or air conditioner. It’s best to keep the area as cool as possible.

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