Botox – How Old is Too Young?

How old is too young to consider having minor cosmetic enhancements done such as Botox? This is a question that is on many women and men’s lips today, but is it really on every 8 year olds mind? Argh, I sure hope not!
To me, at the age of 8 years old, children (yes, children!) should just be concentrating on school, having fun and if anything, when it comes to young skin, parents should be encouraging, “slip, slop, slap” to protect their skin from sun damage (this has positive effects on keeping skin young and healthy too).

Personally, I am a woman in my late 20’s and have been asking myself for months now if I’m at the right age (or number of wrinkles!) to start having non invasive cosmetic enhancements performed on my face, all in vein of retaining my everlasting youth!

After talking to my friends, family, work colleagues and clients I know I’m not the only one questioning when is the right time (age) to start...Hmmm, to botox or not to botox? That is the question! Could it purely just be the case of prevention is better than cure? Possibly!

So, after talking to the people surrounding my everyday world, I decided to do some further research and explore the growing trend of cosmetic enhancements and this is what I discovered;

'Botox is an injectable substance that is a medical grade form of the Botulinum toxin A, also called Botox botulism. It is a medical protein that is injected into the muscles of the face to minimise the appearance of furrows and lines'.

Although the words Botox, Botox botulism, injecting, injections etc sound frightening there is really not much to worry about. 'Cerebal palsy sufferers are given doses of Botox as high as 1,000 units routinely to help them with the associated muscle spasms and serious cases of lethal injections consist of 2,500 - 3,000 units! As the average number of units for facial cosmetic enhancements is approximately 75 units, botox cosmetic enhancement treatments are extremely safe'.

'When Botox is used for cosmetic purposes the toxin is purified, diluted and then injected into the facial muscles. The toxin blocks the nerve impulses that control the movement of muscles by restricting the clients ability to contract them. A smoothing effect is seen almost immediately and it continues to improve over the next few days. The results last from three to six months after with most clients gradually returning to their former state'.

The funny thing is the immobilising properties that make Botox sound so bad out loud and on paper, are the ones that make it incredible!

So, if you have wrinkles yet haven’t tried it yet, and the age thing doesn’t bother you, you may be questioning whether Botox will make your face look frozen, will you look better overall and/or will anyone be able to figure out your little secret?

One of the biggest misconceptions of cosmetic enhancement treatments such as Botox, is that Botox will eliminate all facial expressions. If cosmetic enhancements are performed correctly by a qualified Cosmetic Physician using an artistic eye, the proper technique and conservatively, the client should look like a more rejuvenated and refreshed version of themselves, not startled and stunned like they’ve walked out of the cinema watching “Saw 5”!

Botox can be used to treat several different areas of concern:

- Crow's feet
- Frown lines
- Brow lines
- Low back pain
- Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)
- Migraine headaches
- Muscle spasticity from cerebral palsy, stroke, or - multiple sclerosis
- Neck spasms
- Vocal cord spasm
- Facial spasms

So back to some gossip I found out, after discussing the age defying question and candidly asking my girlfriends how many of them have had cosmetic enhancements done I was shocked to find out, 5 out of 7 of my girlfriends along with 4 out of 6 of my work colleagues had botox! All women varied in age from early 20’s to late 40’s too (interesting).

So I guess at the end of the day there is no specific right age or time to start preventing your natural aging process, it’s more a choice of how much does and/or will wrinkles bother me!

Time for honesty - I decided last week that perhaps now was the time to speak to The Laser Lounge Cosmetic Doctor, Dr. Rahbar, re booking in my first cosmetic enhancement treatment as over the past few months I noticed my wrinkles and lines were becoming more obvious and my eye creams, although lovely to apply, were not providing me the preventative results I wanted fast enough... Feeling extremely nervous and not sure what to expect Dr Rahbar consulted me, making me feel extremely comfortable.  After explaining my frustrations and concerns, I was surprised at how honest his suggestions were (sometimes we are our own worst critic) and the treatment I experienced included minimal pain (nothing more than a slight pin prick!). I personally had no bruising or swelling at all and only after 1 week I am very impressed by the results. I subtly just look like I have come back from a great holiday refreshed and relaxed! Come to think of it, I still look like me, just about the 2005 version of me.

For further information re cosmetic enhancement treatments please feel free to contact our

Cosmetic Physician and experienced team on 1300 963 962.

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